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Reasons Why Women Can't Say No To Junk

Reasons Why Women Can't Say No To Junk

Eating a healthy diet during adolescence could reverse the junk-food cravings in males but not females', reveals a recent research. This study published in the FASEB Journal also revealed that the intensity of junk food cravings depends a lot on mother's diet during her late pregnancy. The research also noted that the developmental pathway to adulthood where exposure to junk food is most harmful, particularly in the female offspring.

Women turn to junk food because it is an outlet to release any kind of mood. For example, you find a lot of women at a fast food joints binging on so called 'healthy' treats like gobi manchurian, pizza, ice creams etc. The reason that they go for these options is only because they think it is healthy due to its contents like vegetables and spices. Therefore, it is one of the main reasons why women can't say no to junk food.Here are some reasons why women can't say no to junk.

1.Food For Mood Swings: More than men, it is women who battle a whole lot of mood swings during the day. To make oneself feel better, junk food is the only option. Therefore, it is the strongest reason as to why women can't say no to junk.

2.Because Junk Is Healthy: Junk is healthy... did you know how? Well, according to most women junk food contains a lot of healthy ingredients like vegetables, spices, herbs. These ingredients are necessary for the body as it contains proteins and nutrients.

3.Because It Food For The Soul: Women love to eat food for the soul. Junk food is the only option to help calm a woman's nerves and make her feel relaxed. It is food for the soul and it helps to fill that void. This is why you find a lot of women binging on popcorn at movies cause it's rich in fibre and it's a food for the soul.

4.Because Junk Contains Veggies:Today, most junk food contains veggies and since vegetables have proteins, nutrients, minerals and vitamins, why should you not enjoy it? This is one of the main excuses women give as the reason why they think junk food is good for health.

5.Because Women Can't Differ: There are some women who simply cant differ from junk and healthy food options. Take chaats for example, it has all the ingredients which are healthy to consume, but at the end of the day it is regarded as junk.

6.Because Peer Pressure: Peer pressure is one of the many reasons why women can't say no to junk food. Even if you are on a healthy diet, there is always an option and a reason to binge on calorific foods.

7.Because Of Weather Changes: The reasons why a woman craves for junk food are many. Weather is one of those many causes why she can't say no to a plate filled with goodies.

These are the reasons why women can't say no to junk.