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Part-time jobs become a rage for students

STAYING AHEAD: Architecture student Yashika Sharma opted for a part-time job to learn complexities of the corporate culture
JAIPUR: An architecture student, Yashika Sharma, begins her day by making intense calculations on building softwares swiftly transforms into content writer for an independent firm later in the day.

Sharma, a third-year student of Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), has opted for a part-time job primarily to learn the complexities of the corporate culture. “My stint with content writing as a professional has changed my outlook for career goal of designing structures. The content writing gives me the creative flexibility which is helping me in experimenting with the established concepts of the architecture,” said Sharma.

The trend of students looking for part-time jobs has become a rage in last two years. These are those students whose primary intention is to gain professional experience. It eventually gives them an upper edge over others in the industry. Along with financial independence which helps them to not put any additional pressure on their parents.

Harsh Jain, a third-year engineering student from Manipal University Jaipur, dives into the realm of online sources of income for students. He says, “The concept of working while studying at an undergraduate level is fairly new to the Indian context. Most students are thus unaware of apps like Frapp where the completion of simple online tasks like filling surveys, promoting brands and commenting on posts can fetch students enough money to give them a sense of independence.”

Another student, Anjali Jain, a commerce student from Sophia College Ajmer, worked as a campus ambassador for the online site Internshala which provides a platform for students to seek out part time jobs. “Being a campus ambassador made me gain a lot of confidence and they also provided me with a letter of recommendation and good incentives,” Anjali said when asked about the benefits of working while studying. Her job was to promote Internshala among her peers by conducting seminars in her college.

Several companies are providing these students with part-time job opportunities which also save them from the expensive hiring process for projects which are timely. Mukesh Choudhary, founder of a company dealing in cyber security, said, “We hire students for content writing for the company’s public blogs and magazine articles. We also hire students for our Research and development, technical and managerial departments.”

He stated that it was little difficult to find the correct resource person but was still open to providing students with the experience of working in a professional environment. Apart from private firms and NGOs, some government offices and ministries also provide internships for students. Ranging from campus ambassador programmes, to field experience and online jobs; these part-time jobs not only help the students become self-sufficient, but also give them valuable work experience which is preferred by universities and professional field, alike.

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