Make Now Protein Powder at Home

Homemade Protein Powder Nowadays make everyone feel like making six pack abs. To make six packs and fit, it is also very important to take a balanced diet and get a gym and protein powder. But it is so expensive that people get so much price, so today we are telling you the easy method of making protein powder at home.

Protein powder forming material - homemade protein powder

Almonds = 100 grams

Soybean = 100 g

Peanuts = 100 grams

Milk Powder = 100g

Method - homemade protein powder

Pour all these ingredients together in the blender and grind it together. Take care that all the ingredients should be of equal quantity. Prepared from home made protein powder at home.


If you want, you can also use chocolate powder at the place of milk powder.

What is the right time to eat it

Mix it together with a glass of milk twice a day in the morning and evening, drink it.

People who go to the gym take five to seven spoons of this powder.

Children who do not go to the gym can also take this powder with three to four spoons of milk.

If the elderly also takes three to five spoons of this powder in the day, then their bones will get very high calcium.

If pregnant women also want a fit and round baby, then consume four to five spoonfuls of protein powder.

Women troubled by uncontrolled menstruation can also consume it.

By mixing it with honey, it gives the benefit of this dizziness.

When we can make it easily at home, then why is it necessary to bring expensive powders from the market? Friends, if we want, there are so many things that we can make at home very easily. And doing so will save money and the quality of things made at home is also good.

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