Saturday, 15 June 2019

MuftGyan Guruji

Let us admit it- we all do certain things that irritate others. Sometimes, men irritate women and sometimes, women irritate men in relationships.If you are wondering why your boyfriend or your new date is not answering your texts or taking your calls, then just try to know what went wrong. Why did he suddenly stop bothering about you? Well, you must have repeatedly done certain things that have irritated him. Did you give him enough space? Did you ask him intruding questions? Did you ill treat his mom?Here are some things that irritate your boyfriend to know.

1.Postponing The Date: If you fix a date and keep postponing it giving silly reasons, he would hate it.

2.Too Much Of Care: Some girls shower too much of attention which looks fake and irritating. Men love to be cared but overwhelming care would bore them.

3.Bragging About Your Father's Status:Some girls worship their dads so much that it gets boring for anyone to even listen to their pride filled speeches related to their dad's success.

4.Talking, Talking, Talking: Talkative girls obviously do a lot of talking about nothing. While some guys initially find that entertaining, gradually they get bored.

5.Arguing Without An End: Some girls pick up arguments and stretch them beyond limits. Of course, even some guys do that. But ultimately, even a hot girl would repel men when she comes across as a quarrelsome woman.

6.Constantly On The Phone: Some girls are always on phone. Always. This would surely annoy the boyfriend as he has to wait for his turn to even open a conversation.

7.Saying No To A Kiss: Guys love to kiss and if a girl makes him wait for too long to offer the first kiss, then he would be annoyed.

These are the things that irritate your boyfriend.

MuftGyan Guruji

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