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If you have to keep the hair black, dense and strong throughout life,then do these 3 works

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Friends, many people are having problems with hair fall this day. People adopt several methods to get rid of this problem but most of the ways are unsuccessful. Today I will tell you 3 such works if you do daily, your hair will be long, black and strong throughout life.

To keep hair healthy, make these daily work -

1) First work -  hair is made of an element called protein. If there is a lack of protein in the body, the hair starts to fall or breaks easily. If you want to prevent hair loss, then you should consume more of the things in which the amount of protein is high. You can also take meat for it.

2) Second work -  there is another essential element for hair. That is vitamin c. The best of Vitamin C is Amla. You should eat amla daily. By doing so hair is of great benefit.

3) Third task -  you should also take care of hair physically. To do this, you daily massage your hair with almond oil. Doing this gives hair strong strength and hair is black.

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