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Eye Makeup: 5 Eyeliner Tips For Beginners

Hello guys! In today's article I am going to give you some really helpful eyeliner tips. I am sure these tips will help you in getting that perfect makeup.

1) Before applying your eyeliner, make sure that your eye lids are clean. So tip no. one is clean your eye lids first.


2) After cleaning your eyelids, apply some primer on them. Primer doesn't allow to smudge the eyeliner and also eyeliner stays for a long time. And the sweat during summers don't harm your eyeliner.

3) Always try to make your eyeliner a part of your lash line. So, apply eyeliner always close to the lash line. It also makes your eyelashes look denser.


4) If you want to give a smokey look to your eyes, always use a pencil eyeliner. You can smudge it out for getting those perfect and effortless smokey eyes.


5) Bonus tip: Always freeze your eye liner pencil before sharpening to keep it from crumbling. 


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