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Diet Plan For Beginners To Gain Weight

Diet Plan For Beginners To Gain Weight

Hello friends Do you want to know what is the right way to gain weight, so today we will tell you which are the right foods for weight gain.

Before starting the diet plan, soak 6 fig and 30 grams of raisins in the night, it is a part of your weight gain.

Early Morning

Now talk about diet plans, eat 3 fig and 15 grams of raisins in the morning which were soaked on the previous night, this will help you gain weight, as well as help to strengthen your digestion.



1. Talk about breakfast, then you can drink half a teaspoon ashwagandha and 1 table spoon honey in a glass Banana sake and drink it. And with 2 brown bread 1 table spoon peanut butter can eat.


2. Oats is considered as a healthy snack, its consumption in regular breakfast will help you gain weight. Mix half cup of oats, two cups of milk, 1 spoon ashwagandha, one table spoon honey, one table spoon peanut butter and one to two ripe bananas in the morning breakfast and eat it.


Before lunch

Eat a table spoon of sugar in one hour before lunch with a table spoon ghee.



In the lunch you eat two chapati and one bowl of rice and casserole with a bowl of vegetables and a bowl of pulses. Also eat a cup of curd and a bowl salad.


Evening Snacks

Talking of evening snacks, you eat a bowl sweet potato and a bowl / grilled / fried colive oil white potato. Or drink a mixture of handful nuts (almonds, walnut etc) in a glass mango shake.



Eat a bowl of green vegetables with cheese bowl or 3 whole egg omelet or egg curry and 2 chapati and a bowl rice in the dinner.


Before Bed

Before bedtime, add half a teaspoon of ashwagandha and one teaspoon honey in a glass of milk and eat 3 fig and 15 grams of raisins which were soaked on the previous night.


This diet will strengthen your digestive and immune system within 15 to 20 days. And will help you increase weight faster. But to get fast results, you should work one to two hours a day.


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