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8 FREE and Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Style

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I get it, you are young and you have champagne dreams on a tap water budget. We’ve all been there before. Of course, if we had a free credit card that we could use to buy every clothing piece we wanted, we’d be the most stylish guys around. If only there were some tips given to you that would allow you to upgrade your style fast and easy. Well, here are 8 FREE and Easy ways to upgrade your style! Take notes boys, this one’s important.

1. Choose A Print or Pattern

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If you want to spice up your style up a little bit and switch your style up from boring to suave, add either a print or a pattern to your outfit. Whether it be a simple polo with a monotone pattern, or a tee shirt with a printed look to it, a little contrast from a plain color goes a long way. Odds are you have a few of these pieces in your closet, so utilize them, it will work in your favor.

2. Never Be A Try Hard

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It really doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a super expensive suit or the latest street brands that cost thousands of dollars. What really matters is confidence. You could be rocking a whole outfit from the sale rack at H&M and if you come across as confident, that girl you’ve always wanted will be yours. When you wear something super flashy but lack confidence, the clothes are practically wearing you. So, work on your confidence and almost anything will look better than how cheap it was in the store. Confidence is the key.

3.Learn Basic Customization

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Many guys don’t even know how to sew a button. First off, that’s just sad, and secondly, you aren’t using your customizable skills to their fullest potential. Your boring clothes have a lot of potential to them, and if you have an eye for fashion, you can make free and easy modifications to them that will make look so much more stylish. For example, if you have a dress shirt with a collar on it and it’s all flimsy and the collar is yellow from heavy wear, don’t throw it away. Instead, clip the collar off and bam, there’s a fast and easy collarless shirt. Another example is if you have a pair of old jeans you don’t like, you can cut them and turn them into jean shorts, or just distress them. These are all trendy ideas to keep in mind. Be your own stylist!

4. Make A List Of What You Need!

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This is crucial when trying to upgrade your closet at the lowest price possible. You need to make lists and plan out what you need, in orderly to properly budget. Sooner or later you’re going to have to invest in your wardrobe.

5 Buy Quality Clothing Pieces

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Especially when you get done making your list of your clothing needs, you don’t want to buy the trendy pieces all at once. You want to focus on and buy the pieces that have the best quality.

6.Figure Out What Fits You Best

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For example, you might want to wear skinny jeans but you know you have thick, muscular thighs. This will not only look bad, but it will feel super uncomfortable. Don’t try to force something if you know it just won’t fit comfortably or look good. So, you’re going to want to set those skinny jeans down and try out different fits and brands. Then, find out what looks best. It will take a little work, but it’s so worth it.

7.Dress For The Right Occasion

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This one’s pretty self-explanatory, you need to dress the part for whatever occasion you’re going to find yourself in. Knowing what to wear for specific occasions is a key styling skill to know. For example, you don’t want to wear a Supreme T-shirt to a wedding and you don’t want to wear a suit when you’re just going to hang out with some friends. Know the difference and get knowledgeable about this. Dress according to the occasion and you’re all set!

8. Add Another Layer

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This tip is perfect for the fall and winter seasons. If you feel like your outfit is lacking and it just needs something to completely seal the deal, add another layer. Adding a layer is a key styling tip to keep in your head at all times. This layer can be either a simple flannel over a t-shirt, or a light bomber jacket. Whatever the layer is, it will complete the outfit and make you that much more stylish.

Hope it helps, like it, share it with your friends and comment what else you want to know. Take Care and Be Happy.

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