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1 They hint at you to make a move, they will give clear signs they are in to you.

Third party image reference

2 They do not refer to you as a friend, they will say something more than you are a friend.

3 They will causally touch you more than a normal friend does.

4 They make excuses to be alone with you, they will try to find excuses to be with you.

5 Their eye contact with you is unusual, you can easily notice their eyes on you is different and special.

6 They ask you out, sometimes it is direct or sometimes they will say just say to hangout in weekends.

Third party image reference

7 They ask you about your past relationships.

8 They ask about your future plans.

Third party image reference

9 They will get defensive when someone tries to make a move, they try to get upset if you flirt with others.

10 They get angry at little things.

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