Sunday, 12 May 2019

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What's an office spouse? Well, it is a term given to someone close to you in your office. Generally, it is someone of the opposite sex. Though the term contains the word spouse, it doesn't mean that you have an extramarital relationship with the person.A new survey claims that nearly 25% of the employees all over the world have a work spouse in their work place. And yes there are some benefits too.It is just like having someone who offers emotional support to you in the workplace. An office spouse just plays the role of a close friend but in the office.

When you are stressed out, your office spouse is someone who acts like a support system. Also, you get most of your complements from that person making you feel inspired to achieve more.Many surveys indicate that having a well-wisher in the office is beneficial for productivity. But this applies as long as you maintain that relationship within limits without spoiling your private life at home.Here are some signs that you have an office spouse.

1.You rely on one person in the office for most of your needs. From getting small tasks done to asking any doubts related to work, you spend most of the time with that person.

2.You tend to have deeper conversations with that person about your life in general. You never hesitate to share something about your life with that person.

3.You feel free to be honest with that person. Even if you have to criticise that person, you won't think twice as both of you understand each other.

4.You feel comfortable hanging out with that person. Why would you feel guilty when you are clear about your relationship?

5.During times of stress, you turn to that person to feel relieved. Yes, some people can kill stress with their care.

6.Your co-worker makes sure you are comfortable all the time. Just like a loved one at home, your office spouse ensures that you are always comfortable in office.

7.Both of you never hurt each other and keep inspiring each other to achieve more. This is why it helps in productivity.

These are the signs that you have an office spouse.

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