Every one girl should know about these 4 variations of lipstick

Make-up enhances the beauty of every girl It is an important part of every single face To look beautiful and perfect, you have the right choice of lipstick, so that the products used for it should be selected. Your forgetfulness can not only hurt the beauty of the lips Today, we are going to tell you about such lipstick shades, from which you can get a better look. Let's get started

Crayon lipstick
It softens and moisturizes your lips, use it. These are not bad for a long time.

Glossy lipstick
If you are going to a function where you have to stop for a long time, then this is not for you. It gives shiny look to your lips in a while. This lipstick suits those who have thin lips
Lip Tints & Lip Stain

This lipstick gives you a natural look. If you do not like to makeup much, then this is for you.
Matte lipstick
These are not worse than other lip products. So if you have to go to a party or function that runs late into the night, then use it.
Many people believe that women's personality can be known from lipstick shade. In today's article, we are going to tell you about 2 lipsticks, which is best for every girl and every girl should have these 2 lipsticks. 

So let's know about these 2 lipsticks -

Friends, if you want to know about these 2 lipstick shades, then you need to add four lamps to your beauty, then it is important that you include some lipstick shades in your makeup kit that you look completely different after applying.

1. First lipstick is red color lipstick red color lipstick. Every girl likes it too, it gives a very nice look on the face. This makes you look very different and beautiful. Red lips every girl likes it too. There is a very good color and you will get it easily so you must have a red lipstick with you.

2. Second lipstick is Orange color lipstick Yes yes Orange color is the best for young girls. It gives a different beauty on their face. Orange color lipstick. You must wear wedding, party or any special oakage. The most beautiful will look ".

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