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When making a relationship in the bathtub, keep these things in mind

There are many people who want to make connections in the bathtub too, but we are telling you about how safe this is.

Seeing people doing this in movies, you too would like to do this, but you should know that in real life it is not as exciting as it is in films. If you are looking for a relationship with your partner in the bathtub, then know that there is a danger of urinary tract infection. It may also be that the dangerous bacteria present in the water of the pool or bathtub can enter your body during the relationship, so that you can become infected.

You should know that even when wet, water is not lubricant. It can dry the natural lubricant coming out of your body. In this way, creating relationships in water is dangerous as well as difficult. For the safety of the condoms you use, the chemicals present in the water and hot or cold water can cause a hole in it or its effect may be reduced. It also increases the fear of getting pregnant.

If you want to look fashionable and stylish, then leave these 13 habits

The time to pay such attention is to be given, as well as the things to pay attention to. On this side, the attention of women is noticed, because of which they do not see as they want.

Let us tell you about some such habits that strain your fashion and style. Except for these habits
Can also look very stylish -

1. You feel that hairstyles should be such that you do not have to pay attention to it, its maintenance should be reduced and it will not be wasted for more time. Do you work on every occasion only with Pony and Judy? You do not need to curl hair, straightening and coloring, hair pin and bands. Hair accessories are only lying in your drawer for emergency.

2. Do you find it easy to wear simple glasses? Do you feel like wearing a daily lens? You apply lenses only when there is a compulsion like your wedding day

3. You think that if you have a handbag of 2-3 common colors (Blake, Gray and Mehrun) you have enough, they consider you fit for 90% of the occasions. You do not feel the idea of ​​wearing your handbag with your clothes and wearing it.

4. High hill sandals are like you, so you have bought them, but you only keep them up and whenever the opportunity comes, you wear comfortable shoes or slippers after thinking a lot of thinking.

5. When you decide to wear high hills for a party and reach them in the party, then within 1-2 hours, you regret that you made a mistake that you wear them and when you go home you can take them down and relax. Breathe.

6. In your wardrobe, almost the same color and style jeans are too much, have ordinary kurtis and t-shirts and some stylish clothes, you have kept them hanging in different hajes sometimes to wear. But sometimes that happens only in the emergency when there is no other option. Whenever you go with friends, you wear jeans, tops, sunglasses, flats or slippers, on 90% occasions.

7. Earings, ring, bracelet, nac pies, bangles and other accessories only enhance your locker and you only use it in emergency. You use the clock to wear everyday and the maximum engagement ring.

8. Most accessories and stylish clothes in your collection are gifted to your family and friends, because buying them all you find is a waste of money.

9. Include a list of many things in your shopping list, such as from the Garment to the latest bestseller books but also to buy make-up items, you may feel less.

10. You do not want to apply the lipstick, eyeliner correctly, and if you have to keep things, gels, conasers, primers, then you can not accurately identify which product you are.

11. Soaps, oils and moisturizers are enough for your beauty. You do not feel needy, prison, perfume, etc.

12. Nail polish of your hands often appears to be half-unfinished. As soon as the nail polish starts getting faint, you do not need to remove it and require a new color. You wait for the full color to get out of your own self.

13. Whenever there are discussions on fashionable things, you often say in your explanation of negligence of fashion that all these things require a lot of time and between my so much responsibilities have I told them all the time?

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