Use this trick for removing unwanted hair in the face for life.

Friends, today I'm telling you a recipe that is very effective for removing unwanted hair in your face.

It is very effective to stop the growth of your face hair. And do not have to spend too much.

This is the best recipe-

1) The first recipe- Altitude is very helpful in slowing down the growth of your face hair. First of all, take water or rose water in a bowl. Dip the alum in it and put it on the face of the hair on the face and apply it above the upper lip. And every day you have to spend twice a day. By doing this remedy for one to one and a half months, you will get rid of it forever.

2) Second recipe - for this, you should put 6 to 8 drop lavender essential oil and 6 to 8 drop tea tree Essential Oil in your face with the help of cotton. Where to have facial hair is to be put there. And you have to apply it twice a day, this will make a big difference. This will gradually increase the growth of the hair from the root.

3) Third recipe - for this you need to take three to four spoons of white urad pulse. And prepare your powder. After that, add one spoon of radish powder and one fourth spoon turmeric. Mix all these things well and keep them in a box. And in a spoonful of this powder, it is necessary to mix rose water or water in this powder. And to prepare a paste. You can also mix sugar and lemon in it. Now place this paste on your face with the help of your fingers or brush. Where is the hair Keep this face pack for 10 to 15 minutes.

When a little dries up, massage your hands and massage your face for 1 to 2 minutes. This will make your hair fall weak. And hair growth will stop. You must use this recipe 1 times daily. These three prescriptions are 100% effective.

This easy recipe will remove all the blackheads in the face

Friends, the atmosphere of today has become quite contaminated. There has been a lot of difference in comparison to the earlier. Air Pollution, Dust, Soil, etc. There are many such reasons which make our skin lifeless. Because of which we start having many skin related problems. One of them is Blackheads Most of the problem is seen on oily skin but this problem can also occur on all types of screens. Mainly it gets in place of the nose or beard and it looks black. Today, we will tell you such tips that you will be able to get rid of the problem of blackhead. So let's know-

For this, first you should wash your face clean and wash. Now take a white toothpaste and place it well where you have blackheads problem and massage for 5 minutes. Then wash it after drying.
Try to wash your face twice or thrice, whenever you are from outside or in the house. Even before sleeping, clean your face well.
You can also use tomatoes to get rid of this problem. For this, prepare tomato paste and apply it on your face and clean drying. The antiseptic properties found in them remove all kinds of problems from your face.

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