It is a boon for such 6 diseases, its benefits

It is a boon for such 6 diseases, its benefits

Guamutra is like a nectar on this earth. And many major diseases are cured. Since ancient times, cow has given mother name to cow. Because it protects like mother. Cow's dung, ghee, milk keep the body healthy. Enhances power resistance to disease resistance

Countless Benefits of Gumutra-

1) If you eat gumutra with milk mixed with triphala powder, it also cleans your blood, along with it also removes the lack of blood in your body.

2) According to Ayurveda, cow urine is the destroyer of calf pita. Gumututra should be taken in the glass and soil behavior and filtered with clean cotton cloth three times and should take empty stomach in the morning of 1/4 cup. It is bactericidal and quick digestive.

3) Gaining sugar in gamututra is very beneficial when there is burn in the eyes and lethargy in the body. And your memory increases.

4) Cancer of the stomach cancer throat cancers and cancers of the dose can be removed from Gumutra consumption.

5) With a glass of water, four drops of Gumutra 2 tablespoon honey mixed with one teaspoon lemon juice and drinking it daily reduces the stomach fat. Obesity is not named.

6) Since ancient times, this tradition is coming. The house is sacred after mixing a few drops of beef in the water and sprinkling it in the house. With this, bathing a few drops of Gumutra in the bath water, the body gets energy by bathing.

These 4 remedies will get rid of the problem of gas, indigestion and sour dakar
It is a common practice to eat dork after eating, but it is a sign of stomach discomfort that comes in the sour duck. Due to dyspepsia, often due to sour dakar. This problem is usually due to the lack of enzyme required for the digestion, disturbances in digestion, stomach pain, gas. Today we will tell you some solutions to sour, with the help of which you can get rid of this problem.

green coriander -

After eating food, if you are scared again and again, then chew the raw green coriander thoroughly and eat it. Due to this, it will stop in a few minutes.

Buttermilk -

There are adequate amounts of anti-oxidants in curd. Consumption of buttermilk made from curd helps in removing the problems of digestion, stomach pain, gas and sour dakar. You can also use black salt in buttermilk, so that your body remains healthy.

Cloves -

To get relief from the problem of sour dakar and indigestion, put a clove piece in the mouth and suck it. After sucking it for some time you will get relief from these problems.

Milk -

Drinking milk is preferred by all, the amount of fat present in it helps in stomach burning. Along with the consumption of milk, the problem of sour stomach and constipation also ends.

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