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Benefits of eating acne and 26 excellent medicinal properties

Benefits of eating acne and 26 excellent medicinal properties

Raisin or vinegar not only keeps away many diseases, but also increases the immunity of the body's disease, so in Ayurveda it is said to be a stock of medicinal properties. The health enhancement properties of acne is from the amount of glucose present in it. It contains eight times more sugar than the grapes. The sugars contained in it are of the best type of grapes, because most of this sugar is made of glucose and fruit sugars. As you may know, glucose works to give energy to the body quickly. Therefore, acne is effective in all cases of weakness and diseases. In Europe, patients suffering from many chronic diseases only take only silk for some time. It is a remedy in itself and it is called 'Munka' treatment. It is believed that by taking a month's monk in this way health is improved. All dry fruits are very nutritious and very powerful in the body. Protein-rich dried fruits contain good sources of vitamin E and selenium, such as fiber, phyto nutrients and anti oxidants.

Munkke and milk - Munakke is taken in many ways. It is very useful on taking with milk. These are complementary to each other, because milk contains enough protein and sugar in the mucus. Similarly, taking cashew nuts, peanuts, etc. is also useful. Munkka is also widely used in salads, bakery and sweets. It is widely used in making jams, jellies, cakes and puddings etc.

How to make a Munkka - Munkaka is made by drying grapes in a special way; it is of two types: red mucus and black mucus. It can also be used in different ways in the treatment of many diseases. So let's know some home remedies.

Benefits of Munkka and Medicinal Properties
The properties of acne are helpful in balancing the body's acidity. Studies at the University of California have come to know that eating about 5 ounces of Munkakka daily reduces the acidity of urine considerably. And the ammonia also decreases in the body.
Munkah plays a vital role in getting rid of acidity. Soak soaked nuts in the water all night and then drink this water everyday. There will be a lot of benefits.
To keep the lungs healthy, soak 150 ml of water in Munnka's 15th night. Eat salty acne after removing its seeds in the morning. Also drink silk water too. Take it for 1 consecutive months.
Constipation: It is very beneficial in the treatment of constipation. It should be soaked in a glass of clean water for twenty four hours. From this, they will become grape-shaped. Eat these seeds and eat it in the morning. The water in which the crown was soaked should also be consumed. The second solution is that gulkand 2 tablespoons, Munka 4, fennel half teaspoon, boil them all in one cup of water and it is also a good remedy for constipation.

It can also be given to babies for keeping the action of the intestine properly. According to the age of the child, by putting six to ten silk boiling water in a boiling water, for a while, let it cool down. By grinding the gourd thoroughly, its juice is taken out in the water and given to the baby. Young children should filter their water, so that the peel of peanuts will not spoil their stomach.
Anemia: It is a rich source of easily soluble iron, it increases blood. So, it is very beneficial in blood loss disease. In the blood anemia due to the lack of hemoglobin element in the blood, with apricot, give the crown to the night. In the same water in the morning, after giving them a lot of juice, the patient is given an increase in hemoglobin intake soon. The Iron found in apricots starts giving benefits as soon as the body reaches the body.
Leanness: The person who wishes to increase his weight is a good person.
In fever: Munecca works as a medicine in cold-cold or fever. Soak sesame seeds in water and grind them into equal quantity of water and then filter it. Munkka, made in this way, acts as a tonic water. To increase its flavor and its qualities, add some lemon juice to it. Seven of the eight sesame seeds can also be sour after removing the seeds in milk.
Once the blisters are in the mouth, soak it for 8 to 10 days after treatment. Chew and chew it when the mud flows in the morning. By eating it every morning, the mouth ulcers and wounds are cured.
Due to lethargy in the body, take 20 grams silk in the morning with hot milk.
In the problem of dizziness, boil seven peanuts in 250 grams of milk and drinking it daily at night removes the problem of dizziness due to weakness.
Grind 250 grams of milk in asthma, 250 grams of water, 12 peanut seeds, grind them and grind them together. When the boiling-half of the water is boiled, add ten black peppers, one spoonful of sugar, and roast them once daily. It is very beneficial in asthma.
Malaria - In a glass of milk, add eight apricots, half a teaspoon of dry salt and drink it twice a day regularly. The weakness and side effects due to malaria fever will be reduced.
In heart disease - boil 8 to 10 peanuts in a glass of milk. Drink it and get relief from heart diseases. 1 fourth part of one gram in roasting powder, roasted asafetida and take it with water in the morning. It is beneficial in stretching, burden, more heart beat.
Low blood pressure: 20 grams black gram and soaked in 25 grams of raisins or Munkka in cold water. By eating empty stomach daily in the morning, low blood pressure will benefit and simultaneously the facial glow increases.
For children - Most of the children see that due to the weakened disease resistant capacity, they become sick again and again. In such case, if they consume 5 to 6 poults daily in the day, their body will be better with their immune system resistance.
Women lose their blood due to menstruation. Munkka is very beneficial for them, because Munkka is the main source of iron and eating banana also increases the amount of hemoglobin in the body.
Those children who have problems in urinating in bed at night, feeding them with two silk seeds for a week, they do not wet the bed at night.
Munkka eyes are also beneficial for hair and skin. The black crown helps to remove the toxic elements from the body and keeps the skin clean and shiny.
For dry cough- make a pinnacle equal to gram by mixing equal quantity of equal quantity of equal quantity of Munkaka, Mulhathi, almond kernel, and equal parts. Sweat two or two tablets in the mouth four times a day .

In typhoid disease: Mix three granules of Munkke, Unnam two grains, three grams of fine artificial grams and 10 grams of Egyptian gram and mix them in 100 grams of water. Filter it. Now, give it four equal parts to drink three to four times a day.
Benefits of Acne and Honey
Nutrients such as iron, calcium, found in acne and honey are helped to overcome many physical shortcomings.
By mixing sesame seeds with honey, it is better to manage blood in the body.
By taking silk and honey together, the level of cholesterol is reduced.
Acne and honey prevents infection in the wound and heals the old infection so that the wound quickly fills.
Munka's recipe for increasing brain power
Fill the acacia gum in half a kilo of pure ghee and fry it finely and grind it fine. Put the sugar, mixed in equal quantities, in the mixture . Grind 250 grams of dried peanuts and 100 grams of almonds, and mix them together. Just prepare the recipe. In the morning breakfast, eat it as much as two teaspoons (big) i.e. about 20-25 grams of amounts. Put together a glass of sweet milk and drink it. After this, when you are very hungry, then you can have food. This recipe is nutritious for the body itself, as well as the brain is also very potent for strength and digestion. Students who are studying should use this as their ability to remember them develops.
Nutritional value of acne
Munkka is also famous for its special dietary value. Its analysis has shown that on average, humidity is 20.2, protein 1.8, fat 0.3, mineral 2, fiber 1.1 and carbohydrate at 74.6 percent per 100 grams. It contains calcium 87, phosphorus 80, iron 7.7, carotene 2, thymine 0.07, riboflavin 0.19, niacin 0.7 and vitamin 'C' 1 mg per 100 grams of minerals and vitamins. lives. Its caloric value is 308.

Dry coconut intake ends with many serious diseases, we will start eating immediately.

Today, we are talking about dry coconut, which is also called garlic, by consuming dry coconut gives such benefits, knowing who you will be surprised, coconut is used in pooja reading, but health There are many benefits too, we use coconut in many forms, whether it is raw coconut water, coconut or coconut oil, then let us know the dry slurry Unmatched advantages of Yl.

Minerals are very important in tissues, because its deficiency damages the parts of our body, due to which diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis may occur, in such cases, due to the consumption of dry coconut, skin, ligaments, tendons, and bones Tissues get stronger and tissues also get plenty of minerals.

Eating dry coconuts improves brain function, it prevents serious neurological disorders; Dried coconut contains elements that reduce blood cholesterol, thereby eliminating the problem of blockage of nerves, by eating dry coconut Diseases such as anemia can be relieved and blood formation is intensified.