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100% remedy of constipation in 1 rupee, gas and abdominal pain in 1 minute

100% remedy of constipation in 1 rupee, gas and abdominal pain in 1 minute

Friends, today we will talk about the ways to keep your stomach clean and talk about how and how problems in your body can end with this little thing. Friends usually fondly use them as a mouth freshener.

There are many types of medicinal properties available in fennel. It consumes a lot of benefits by consuming it. You can eat fennel at any age. Elephants such as calcium, iron, and potassium are found in fennel. Fennel's fruit is in the form of seeds and its seeds are used.

Let's know how fennel food is beneficial for health.

1. Eating fennel does not complain of stomach and constipation. Make a powder by grinding fennel with sugar or sugar, and at night, take about 5 grams of powders with light lukewarm water. There will be no stomach problem and gas and constipation will be far away.

2. Eyelashes can be extended by taking fennel. Grind the fennel and sugar candy with equal parts. Take one teaspoon of water in the morning with water for 2 months. This increases the eyesight from this.

3. Should have fennel on diarrhea. Chewing gum twice a day with fennel pulp ends the indigestion and diarrhea is beneficial.

4. Eating after fattening after eating the food properly digests. Make a powder by adding fennel, cumin and black salt. After this meal, take this powder with light lukewarm water. This is the best digestive powder.

5. Fennel makes great use when coughing. Mix 10 grams of fennel extracts in honey and it will stop coughing.

6. If you have stomachache, chew the roasted fennel, it will give you relief. Make the cold of the fennel and drink it, heat will cool down and it will stop swelling.

7. If you are getting sour, then boil it in a little fennel and mix it with sugar candy. Using two to three times will be easy to use.

8. If you complain of burning sensation in hands, after mixing the amount of coriander with equal quantity of fennel, mixed with sugar candy, after eating the food, take 5 to 6 grams of quantity in the amount of time is rested in a few days.

9. If cheeks are sore, then the chewing should be chewed. Finger coughing is also cleaned with fennel chewing.

10. Every morning morning, empty fennel is cleaned, which is very beneficial for the skin, it shines in the skin.

Eat this before drinking alcohol, this thing will not harm the body.
Nowadays, the Young Generation just likes to live in fun and fun, they know what is the result of what they are doing but still do it. Take the wine now, they know that drinking does not help, but damages the body, but still they like to drink.

Experts say that if a person is going to drink, he should eat some special food while taking care of himself so that the effect of alcohol on his body is minimal. These foods benefit the stomach and losses due to alcohol are removed. Keep in mind that your stomach is not empty before drinking alcohol and you eat some healthy ones. Before you drink, eat the foods below so that you do not have problems and the problem of hangover can also be overcome:

Pickles: Pickles are a healthy food, which is a pleasure to eat before drinking alcohol, it does not hang over because the pickle contains electrolytes and solty brine. Almond: Drink beer or vodka .... Eat almonds before taking alcohol, it will give strength to the body. Almond contains plenty of vitamins which strengthen the stomach to reduce the negative effects on drinking stomach after drinking alcohol.

Hawthorne: You will be surprised to know, but it is true that after drinking the juice of Hawthorne before drinking it, it is possible to remove irritation in the stomach after drinking alcohol. Therefore, drink a half glass cactus juice before drinking. Hmmm: When you drink alcohol, your body needs vitamin B most. Experts believe that Hmm is the most healthy food, it is found naturally in vitamin B which removes the side effects of alcohol.

Avocado: Many people do not like this raw creamy creamy food. However, it takes comfort to eat before drinking alcohol and there is no hangover problem. Cheese: Cheese or cheese is a good and healthy food that you do not have a hangover before drinking it, then you want to pack anyway.

Asparagus: Asparagus is a healthy food that contains amino acids in abundance. It helps in amino acid alkohol's metabolism and preserves the stomach. Try it, try it. Olive Oil: If you drink a spoon olive oil before drinking alcohol, then a hangover will not occur after drinking alcohol. Olive oil gets into the body and folds a thick layer above the intestine which prevents irritation due to the reach of alcohol in the stomach.

Milk: A glass of milk or half a glass of cold milk is also beneficial to take it before drinking it. This gives strength to the body and is safe from taking healthy food before taking alcohol. Fruit: Vitamins and proteins are found in abundance in fruits. There is also a lot of potassium which keeps the fluid in the body balanced. The hangover due to drinking alcohol can also be removed.