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What is constipation, let's easy to remove it

What is constipation, let's easy to remove it

Hello friends, As we all know that all our diseases are connected to the stomach, it is very important to keep the stomach healthy. Friends, the person whose stomach is cleared once in the morning can not be problems related to stomach and diseases, but on the other hand the person who is constipated can never be healthy then friends come know that we can get constipation Why was

Constipation is due to these reasons

Friends who eat more spicy food or eat more fried things for longer periods of time, in such a situation, the body has to labor more in digesting food, which makes the person suffer from constipation. The smoothness of the more fried things sticks to the edges of our intestines. In such a way, when we eat another item, some part of it sticks to the intestines, and then the food keeps on rotting for two to four days and constipation. Starts.

Remedies to remove constipation

To remove constipation, you must drink papaya in the morning, it eliminates constipation forever. Eat cheeses that are always chewed by eating food, chewing and chewing food is digested quickly in the body. Always eat simple food. Use more green vegetables in the food and eat bread in the food because the amount of fiber in the bread is very good. If you take care of these small things then your constipation will end forever.

9 rules of drinking water - know if it will be big benefits

You, people, drinking water is a vital need of our life and no living creature can live without water, but today we are going to tell you about the rules that you should drink as per the principles of Ayurveda, so the complete information must Read this because after this information you will get many benefits.

9 rules of drinking water

1) You should never drink more cold water because doing so damages your stomach and your throat. Always try that you drink water from the normal temperature which comes out of the tap.

2) You should never drink too hot water, because when you drink too much hot water, it damages your tongue and your throat, so if you are drinking hot water in the cold, then try that you drink moderately hot water. .

3) You should never stand up and drink water, because according to Ayurveda, when you stand and drink water, your pouch size starts growing and due to this your negative effect on your kidneys is due to always sitting Drink water

4) When you wake up in the morning, you should drink two glasses of water without rinse because your stomach is full of acid throughout the night and when you drink two glasses of water, this acid gets diluted and the reason for this water Your mind becomes active and your mind starts to feel refreshed.

5) When you are ready to eat, you should drink a glass of water 45 minutes before it, because after 45 minutes you are very hungry and if the food is not tasty then you will be more satisfied Eat with that food.

6) You should never drink water immediately after eating, because doing so stomach gastric weakness of your stomach but the food that is in your stomach takes time to digest and it also creates the reason for many diseases so that you always Drink only after one and a half hours after eating food.

7) You must drink water before sleeping in the night because most people sleep for 7 to 8 hours and at this time your body needs more water and if you drink a glass of water then you get good sleep too. And in the morning your stomach becomes well cleaned.

8) If you drink a glass of water 20 minutes before the bath, then your blood pressure is stored and after that there is no harm in the sudden loss of temperature in the body due to the bath, so you must drink a glass of water 20 minutes before bathing. .

9) If you drink a glass of water after 10 minutes of bathing then your body's blood pressure is normal and your digestive system also gets fine and your skin also gets refined, so after 10 minutes of bath you will get a glass of water. Should start drinking from.

Friends hope that you would have liked these seven rules and would have worked. If such information is needed every day, then please press the Like button and tell in the comment that which rules of these breaths do you daily and our Blog Follow these steps so that you can get the necessary information every day, thanks.