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Weight loss: Eat this one thing at breakfast to lose weight

WEIGHT LOSS can be a difficult task for most people, but there are some diet habits a lot of people are getting wrong – and what you eat for breakfast is a huge contributor to this.
Adding protein to your diet can help you lose weight 
It’s a well-known fact breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but still many people fail to start their day with the calories and nutrients needed to keep them full until lunch. While you may think you’re incorporating all the right ingredients into your first meal of the day, there is one aspect most people are failing to add to their breakfasts – and it has a huge effect on weight loss. Protein is essential to sustain the body throughout the day, however many are opting for high-carb or high-sugar alternatives in their morning rush. Those looking to lose weight are “doing it all wrong”, according to Harry Jameson, Elite Performance Coach.
Wellbeing expert Harry advised the benefits of a high-protein breakfast will “regulate blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day, and avoid rapid peaks and troughs of energy”.
This is even more important for those who are working out and trying to lose weight, with the Personal trainer adding: “If you work out in the morning, eating protein at breakfast helps to build muscle mass and sustain the body throughout the day.”
He also outlined the importance of picking a high quality protein to reap its benefits.
Harry continued: “Just as a high carb breakfast can spike insulin levels and lead to unpredictable energy throughout the day, the choice of protein source is equally important.
“Some products claim to be packed with protein but are in fact high in refined carbohydrates or contain additional flavourings and preservatives that water down the nutritional benefits.
“Natural proteins like whey and nuts are great for the body, and when supplemented with benefits like Vitamin D and Omega DHA, provide added value and nutrients.”
Protein will keep you feeling fuller for longer 
And your breakfast will keep you fuller for longer if you add carbohydrates to the protein source.
The personal trainer said: “We all know that nourishing food is essential to fuel an active lifestyle yet lots of people forget this when it comes to breakfast.
“You can help with essential muscle recovery by consuming a post-workout breakfast containing both protein and carbohydrate.
“This is vital for muscle growth and repair and glycogen replacement, and can be as simple grabbing a nutritious breakfast on the go.
“A convenient protein pot like AYEM’s pots are packed with protein (15g), Vitamin D and 250mg of Omega 3 DHA. It ticks all the boxes for supporting a healthy body and mind.”
High-sugar and high-carb breakfasts can result in an energy crash 
Harry Jameson also shared his top tips on how protein can aid weight loss:
Post workout
The wellbeing expert explained: “For people that like to work out in the morning, protein is an essential gym aid, contributing to the maintenance of muscle mass.”
Muscle and bone development
“Breakfast is a great time to get added nutrients. Natural foods that combine protein with ingredients like dairy that contains calcium and phosphorus can support the development of muscles and bones.”
Weight Management
He continued: “Adding more protein to your diet for breakfast will help to regulate blood sugar levels and avoid spikes in energy throughout the morning, therefore regulating hunger levels and prevent excessive snacking.”
Slow release energy
“Compared to refined carbohydrates, eating protein for breakfast will slow the energy release for the morning and help to keep you awake, alert, and focused,” Harry added.

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