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Top 7 Reasons for Hair Loss and How to deal with it

Hair Loss, at any stage of Life makes it difficult to deal. And the finding the Root Cause is even more crucial part. But there are some common reason for a sudden and unexpected Hair Loss.
Below are some reasons why Hair Loss happens and How to deal with it.
1) Vitamin Deficiency : In this modern world, taking nutritious food is hard. Due to which Hair Loss happens and Vitamin Deficiency is the one of the reasons. Vitamin B and Vitamin C are more important for your Hair. So try to include food like Eggs, Yeast.
2) Genetic : Some times its genetic to have a Hair Loss. This can be inherited from Mother or Father. So try to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle to avoid it some extent.
3) Temperature Change : Yes, you heard it right. Even a temperature change can impact on your Hair. UV rays make your Hair thin. So try to use CAP or cover your hair in winter and summer.
4) Strict Diet : From body weight loss to maintaining a six packs can be encountered into a Hair Loss. Try to take a variety of Food for your Health. Nourish your body.
5) High Power Medicines : Taking blood pressure tablets or high doses of any medicine will make a Hair Loss. Try to avoid medicine with prescription. If you face any sudden change then try to consult a Doctor.
6) Stress : Chronic Stress can cause a Hair Loss too. Because Stress impact the blood circulation in the scalp. But it can be recovered if Hair Loss has happened due to Stress. Try to do Yoga or do some exercise to maintain a healthy Life.
7) Not Taking Care : Hair Loss majorly happens due to not taking care of your Hair. Using low quality Hair products. Try to avoid products which are harmful to our Hair.
8) How to Find a Hair Loss : Find a lost Hair and check if it contains bulb at the bottom. If it contains Bulb at the bottom then you need to consult a Doctor. If there is no Bulb at the bottom then its fine.
Take care of your Hair!!
See What happens in your Body when you eat Pineapple every day
Did you know that we can help protect our body by consuming pineapple?
It is rich in antioxidant and anticancer properties, so we should eat pineapple daily.
For women, it is indispensable. Pineapple contains substances that restore the elasticity of the skin, rejuvenating it.
See other benefits caused by Pineapple.
1. Improves circulation
Pineapple cleans arteries, helping to prevent heart disease.
2. Prevention of cancer
Pineapple prevents cancer of the mouth, throat and breast thanks to the antioxidant properties.
In addition, it is rich in bromelain.
This substance helps in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and helps regulate the thyroid gland.
3. Helps digestion
As pineapple is abundant in fiber, facilitates the passage of food through the digestive system.
In addition, it stimulates the release of gastric and digestive juices, helping to dissolve foods, especially those rich in protein.
Pineapple also fights diarrhea.
4. Cure Cure and Cold
Pineapple provides more than 130% of the daily requirement of vitamin C.
It is a true immune system booster.
It also reduces mucus in the airways, prevents phlegm and infections.
5. Pain Relief
As pineapple relieves inflammation of joints and muscles, it is great for fighting arthritis.
The anti-inflammatory properties of the fruit reduce the symptoms of pain.
6. Collagen Production
Being rich in vitamin C, pineapple produces collagen, which is essential for the walls of blood vessels, skin, organs and bones.
That is, consume pineapple and ensure the prevention of many diseases and infections.
7. Promotes bone health
Pineapple is rich in manganese, which is an essential mineral for bone strengthening.
For you to have an idea, this fruit has more than 70% of the required amount of manganese we need to get daily.
Let us know How you find this article!!!!

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