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Top 3 Benefits Of Eating Papaya In Winters

Compared to other fruits, papaya has the most health benefits from cardiovascular to colon health. It is available all year round and every Indian market stocks it. In this article we are going to share top three benefits of papaya.
1) Papaya is rich in anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients that work against free radicals and therefore is said to protect the body from possible heart diseases and cancer. The fibre, potassium and vitamin content help ward off the risk of heart diseases. Including more papaya in your diet can help keep your heart safe.
2) Papaya is beneficial in preventing of premature aging. Due to present of different important phyto-nutrients, it helps to digest food in a smooth manner. When the peel are rubbed on the face and left for 5 minutes, gives glow to the skin due to presence of alphs-hydroxy acids. However, one shouldn’t apply papaya for longer times as it may cause irritation. When the mix of papaya and milk are applied over the face, it helps to remove acne, blackheads, blemishes and pimples. The antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotenoids also help in removing of wrinkles. Papaya prevents anti-aging because of detoxification properties and makes the skin soft and glowing.
3) If you face discomfort with digestion, try this vibrant fruit. Papaya helps prevent constipation and helps in the digestion process.

Some amazing benefits of drinking Amla juice

It is very beneficial for health to drink amla juice everyday. Vitamin C is found to be equivalent to two oranges in one amla, which is useful in fighting many diseases. If you consume Amla's juice, you get Zinc, Iron, Carotene, Fiber, Vitamin B complex, Calcium, Antioxidants, besides Vitamin C. Regular consumption of amla can help you avoid many diseases.
Let's know its benefits-
1. By drinking Amla juice, your body gets high protein levels and nitrogen is balanced, which reduces fat and helps in weight loss.
2. Amla juice makes blood clean. Your skin glows because of antioxidants and vitamin C.
3. Amla's juice is very beneficial for many problems related to the stomach. Constipation is relieved by taking Amla juice.
4. If you have irritation in your stomach and there is a gas problem then you should drink Amla juice. If there is a problem of acidity, it will be relieved by taking Amla juice twice a day.
5. Amla juice is beneficial for eyes related problems. This makes the eyes better. The problem of eye irritation in the eyes or falling water from the eye is eliminated.
6. Drink ten ml of Amla juice in a glass of water on an empty stomach every morning. This will release all the toxic elements present in the body.

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