This weakness will make the weak body steady in one month.

Hello friends ! All of you are warmly welcomed in Friends play the main role in the body structure of calcium. Due to today's unhealthy diet, the body does not get the required calcium, due to which calcium deficiency is present in the body. Due to the lack of calcium in the body, pain in the joint, weakness of the bones, physical impairment, fatigue, laziness etc. have to face problems. Friends, today we are going to tell you a recipe that will reduce calcium deficiency and make your bones grow fresher. So let's know the know.

Method of making medicine

Friends, you will need 2 kg and 1 kg turmeric. There is only enough calcium in the selection. First, put water in a pot and put it in it soak it. The water will start boiling as it is selected in water. When the water cools down, put the whole turmeric in it. Please keep this turmeric in this selection for two months. When the water starts drying, then mix so much water that it will not dry. After two months, remove the turmeric and properly wash and drink and dry. Now keep it in a glass vessel. Your friends are ready now

The method of intake

For the adults, after consuming lukewarm milk in the amount of 3 grams daily, they should be consumed after morning and evening, children have to take 1-2 grams this way. It reduces calcium deficiency from the body. It is also very beneficial in raising the length of children. It provides relief from joint pain and will remove the weakness in the body and become powerful.
This weakness will make the weak body steady in one month.
This is that two things

Paneer - If you are vegetarian, then cheese is the best source of protein. If you exercise regularly, then after that you should take paneer.

Chicken-carnivorous chicken is a much more protein-rich food. About 100 grams of chicken receives around 30 grams of protein, which is beneficial.

Man just improve these 4 dirty habits, body will become Faulad, number 3 is very important

1. Do not sleep on time
Let the body know for a healthy body. That is why nature has built the night. But everything in today's new lifestyle has changed. It is very harmful to get late to sleep late in the day. Then change it to you.

2. Do not eat food on time
If you do not take time to eat, it will have a very bad effect on your body. By not eating food at the right time, your body's functioning worsens and digestive system also gets confused. Firstly, the body starts to weaken. So it is necessary even at the right time.

3. Exercise and not doing hard work

In today's time, the Pharisees have started living too much. But if you want to make your body steady and strong, 30 minutes of exercise is essential to work from day to day work. It also gives you strength and agility in your body. Alley also disappears.

4. Drinking plenty of water in the right quantity

The human body should normally take 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. But nowadays, a lot of people are drinking water. Drinking water in the body does not keep the body healthy.
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