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The sycamore tree is not less than any cinnamon, you know about it

The sycamore tree is not less than any cinnamon, you know about it

Raw fruits are green and ripe fruits are reddish. The fruit goes a little bit pressed and the microscopic germs are also found in it. Due to being full of milk in all the parts of the tree, milk is extracted from any sharp cheese. There are many tree plants around our house, whose attention does not go our way, because of their medicinal qualities we are unaware. There is also a sycamore in these flora which is the mine of medicinal properties and it is easily found in the rural areas. Gular is called utudur and jitupole in Sanskrit. Regular intake of guulari keeps the balance of bile and cuff in the body. Therefore there are no bile and cough disorders. Also, moderate fire and wrinkles are also calm.

Pneumonia can be reported to children and old men. In this way, taking care of them becomes very important. Guulher can also treat this disease. For this, boil the plant with boiling water and make a decoction. And then filter it and keep the patient crying. This gives immense relief to Nimania.

Guular leaves are also very useful. If you have a blister in the mouth, grate the syrup of the leaves and make the pill and whenever you walk, then suck this pill.

Gullar's menstrual irregularities are also removed. Women should consume bark of the bark after more bleeding during menstruation. This stops excessive drift. It is also beneficial to drink sugar or honey mixed with juice of bitter fruits of guular.

There are many such tree plants around us that are rich in abundance, but due to lack of knowledge about them, we can not bear the benefits of this, the name of the fruit full of such qualities is guular, these plants are often used in our homes It is easily found around, its fruit is green on raw and it becomes reddish when cooked, it breaks after pressing the fruit lightly, every part of this tree is filled with milk, hence its Bite from any place, milk comes out, this tree is full of countless benefits; regular diet of cough and vata is always kept away from it.

In winter season or in seasonal changes, children often become pneumonia, so boil it in water and fry it by scalding it, feeding it to the children removes the problem of pneumonia very quickly.

If there is a lot of trouble in the mouth when there is a blister, then in this situation, grind the leaves of the syrup and make a paste, now make a paste of this paste and put it in the mouth and keep on sucking it slowly; The blisters end.

Guulher is very useful for removing the problems faced by women during menstruation, women who have more bleeding in the period should drink them by making a decoction of a bruised bark, this gives them great relief.

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