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The 3 most effective ways to take headache away in 10 minutes

How are you guys, people are tension due to work due to work or due to rift in people in today's time, and due to many other reasons, due to which headache is common and when headaches Looks like there is nothing else, and your mind becomes irritable, but today we are going to tell you the three most awesome ways that will remove your headache in 10 minutes, so read it till the end.

3 best ways to overcome headache in 10 minutes

1) The first method - If your headache is getting cold, your headache can become cold due to cold or you may have been cold so your head is giving pain, so do one of your work. Boil 5 basil leaves in a glass of hot water and drink that water in 10 minutes, your headache will be removed.

2) Second way - if you have to send headache within 10 minutes then there is another way in which you have to take a glass of hot milk and you have to mix a little saffron and two pinch of turmeric and drink it. Will disappear throughout the moment and your headache will get relief.

3) Third method - According to Ayurveda, this method has been told that if very headache is occurring, then put two-two drops of melted pure ghee in both holes of your nose, in 10 minutes your headache will get relief and if If you put two to two drops of ghee in your nose every day, it will also increase your memory power and your brain will get faster.

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