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Naural home remedies for pimples

Here are the workable home remedies for Pimples. Check it out!!

1. Apply Aloe vera gel

This is going to be one of the surprising and workable home remedy to cure acne on your face. Aloe vera has a good amount of water and moisturizer it'll help you to reduce pimples permanently from your face. A recent study found a surprising fact that, people who has a dry skin and applied aloe vera got a positive result with in 8 weeks. So, we strongly recommend to the people, to use aloe vera gel to reduce acne.

2. Green Tea

Green Tea can be best home remedy for pimples. As it has plenty of antioxidants which can help to prevent pimple and acne marks. To get better result, use a cooled cup of green tea as a face wash or lay the bag over the affected area.

3. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

The Apple Vinegar has its own unique power to fight with pimple. The Apple Cider vinegar has several acids that have been proven to kill bacteria which cause for acne. So, add one one part of apple vinegar into three parts of water and apply the mixture to your face by using cotton balls. Wash your face after 20 to 25 seconds and repeat the process 2 to 3 times in a week to get better results.

4. Cucumber

This can be the best remedy for pimples or acne that one can do in home. Cucumber has been in a list which soothe your skin more brighter. As it has a rich source of vitamins which can help to prevent pimples. try out this simple hack to get rid from pimples. cut the cucumber into small pieces and soak into water at least for an hour. After, drink the water or use it for face wash.

5. Honey

you might get wonder if honey can be used to cleanse pimples. But its true. Honey can be act as an outstanding antimicrobial and wound healing remedy. well, honey has been a well known skin inflammation cure in all times. To use this remedy in home, Apply honey on affected area by using fresh cotton swabs and leave it for half an hour before rinsing. Try this remedy thrice in a week for better results.

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