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Learn how to avoid pimples and its main causes

Those who suffer from pimples know that they appear in different shapes and intensities and are caused by a number of factors that condition the type of manifestation. Among its variations, cystic acne can be considered the most painful and difficult solution, which only increases our curiosity in learning how to avoid the dreaded internal spine .
Cystic acne consists of a type of inflammation that occurs under the skin, with fluids that could not be excreted and because they remain concentrated, they form super painful, red and hard spots, what we commonly call the internal spine.
It can manifest in any part of the body, this type of acne is formed by the excessive production of sebum and keratin, which clog the pores and prevent the skin from eliminating the substances produced by the sebaceous glands.
However, the frequency and intensity of internal pimples vary from person to person, due to variations conditioned by internal and external factors.
Genetics, Puberty, menstrual period, stress and some diseases alter the rhythm of our hormonal activity, which can also lead to greater appearance of internal spines due to changes in the performance of glands.
Remedies / How to avoid pimples :
*Do not Squeeze the pimples in any way
*Take care of skin hygiene
*Face masks
*Find a dermatologist

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