It is boon for weak men, these medicines, the weak people must read

For us tree plant herbs have special significance. Because no medicines can be made by any of them, besides this you will have to know their contribution, but in today's post we will tell you about such a drug to remove the weakness in your body. Are supposed to Which is less than a boon and this medicine is the most important for men. Let us tell you about what we are about to tell you in this post of today. That thing is sweet neem. Although neem is bitter, the sweet neem we are talking about is sweet neem leaf.

If you consume curry leaf, then your body remains healthy and its taste is also good. If you add it to your diet, it makes your food even more tasty. So let's know about its medicinal properties.

To increase the eyesight

Let us know that the hard leaf is a good medicine to enhance the eyesight. If you want to take this medicine, take 2 grams of fine powder of its leaves and take it with fresh water everyday. By consuming it regularly your eyesight will increase and the weak eyes will cure.

To remove weakness

Sweet neem is a good medicine for men. For this purpose, take a fine powder of hard leaf bark or take 1 gram powder from its root, add this powder to milk and add some sugar in it and take it. By doing this regularly for 1 month, your body strength will increase and your body will become stronger than before.

For skin diseases

Tell me, the oil of hard leaf seed is the best insecticide. If you are suffering from eczema or skin diseases, then it is not less than a boon for him. If you are suffering from skin diseases, then for that you can grind hard leaves and make paste by making paste.

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