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If you want hair too, then attach it to coconut oil.

Friends, what kind of a girl would not like thick and long hair, even though the girl would not be interested in making her hair. But most of the girls look long hair. Some girls do a lot of efforts to enhance hair. But there is no difference in their hair. The most viewed among women is the problem of hair fall due to which beautiful and long hair seem to look like a broom.

Girls parlor also goes to make hair beautiful. You may get benefits after going there but going to a parlor is not just about everyone, it is not possible for everyone to go to a parlor. The beauty of women and their confidence increases due to hair. Nowadays, pollution along with stress has increased so much that the hair is facing any problem. Hair roots get from nutritional oil and shampoo. Also, healthy food and hygiene are also important for hair. There is no shortcut formula for long hair.

Friends, in today's post we are going to tell you one such remedy of coconut oil. So that you have to do before sleeping every night. If you did this then your hair will start to show a difference in a few days and hair loss will stop. So friends, if you want to enhance your hair, then please post this post today.

So let's know what is that thing. Which you have to mix with coconut oil -

Friends, tell me what is the reason for falling hair. The biggest reason for hair fall is. Dandruff and itching in the hair Most people are very upset. If you have to get rid of, then you have to pay attention to the cleaning of your hair. If you pay attention to my cleaning then your hair will soon become healthy and beautiful.

You have to combine a vitamin E capsule with coconut oil while sleeping at night and have massage in the hair for some time. By continuing this process for 1 month, your hair breaks will stop, the hair loss will also stop and the hair will grow stronger long.

If you can not take this measure, then use potato juice to control hair loss. It is very effective and helpful to take two or three potatoes and take juice from Juicer. Massage the juice in the hair 15 minutes before washing it. Vitamin B is found in potato, which makes your hair grow long.

If you have to make hair quicker then try these tips

In the roots massage from oil: Massage from oil in the roots of the hair, blood circulation occurs in the right way, as well as the hair gets moisturizer well. People with hair oils can use hair oil once a week. If your hair is dry, you may find it beneficial to do the oiling at least 2-3 times a week.
Use chemical free shampoo: Nowadays, chemicals rich in shampoo are responsible for all kinds of hair related problems. If you want your hair to grow properly, use herbal shampoo. Herbal shampoo does not contain any kind of silicon, sulphite and harmful chemicals, which does not cause any harm to the hair. Herbal shampoo maintains moisture in hair and makes hair healthy and shiny too. This leads to the growth of hair properly.

Deep conditioning: Coconut oil, babasu oil and honey are best for deep hair conditioning. This will lead to deep conditioning of hair and hair too fast. Using the Natural Products for Hair Conditioning, hair is soft and it is less complicated. You can manage such hair comfortably.

Avoid Styling and Heat: Extreme heat coming from the hair dryer can cause hindrances in hair growth. But most use hair dryer for hair styling. By using it, the roots of the hair become weak, causing the hair to break easily. Save hair with too much styling products and heat.

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