If you know the right way to eat banana then it will become thin thin body within 30 days.

In this race of today, every person is suffering from some disease. In today's era there are more weak people than healthy people. This weakness is due to the mis-food and lack of essential things in their body. There are so many people who want to get rid of thin thin body. If you want to increase your weight, then you must definitely try this method. In today's post we are going to tell you the way you can read up to 10 kg of weight in 1 month. However, weight gain is not so easy. But if you regulate this measure, then your weight will increase, then let's know that the right way to eat ...

If you want to increase the weight faster by eating banana, then for the first time you wake up in the morning, mix 4 to 5 bananas in half a liter of milk and make a milk shake and drink it empty stomach. This will give you enough calories for the day and in the afternoon you will have to eat after eating. This will also increase the fat in your body and also the fiber and the regular intake of the body will also be good for protein.

However, after taking this diet you need to exercise a little in the evening too. Even after exercising in the evening, you can eat a glass of milk and two bananas. By doing this, you will benefit a great deal. If you do not exercise, then join the gym. So that you can get the full benefit of this diet. If you do not exercise after doing this remedy. So your belly starts coming out. Which can cause you problems. Therefore, exercising is very important.

Weak boys will work a lot, read this thing carefully, the method of use, the body will be strong

Nowadays, boys live a lot of race and stressful lives, boys work with physical work throughout the day, but they do not get enough time to make their body strong, in such a case it is very necessary that the effort to strengthen the body from the inside If we do, then today we are going to tell you about something that is not less than any medicine for the weak boys, this medicine has been used in most of the time, Used industry, which remains in the body for a long time powerful, so let's learn about that thing.

Our country has been using herbs since time immemorial; these drugs have no side effects, one of the things is white mushley, and the other is Ashwagandha, taking both the ingredients in equal quantity to make the medicine. Prepare the powder by grinding, now each morning take a spoonful of this medicine and take it with a glass of milk, take this medicine daily in the morning.

By doing so continuously for a few days, you will start feeling yourself to make a difference. Regular use of this medicine will make you feel energized and fresh in it. By continuously using it, you can overcome the problem of your weakness. You must consume it for at least 45 days, so that you get the full benefit of this medicine, if you wish, it can always be eaten, there is no side effects of this medicine.

So if you are also troubled by any health problem, then please tell us in the comments box.

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