If you do these 4 rules of the morning, then you will remain agile at age 60.

Friends, if you have any problems related to any kind of hair. Such as thinness of hair, baldness, and hair white before age, as well as eye problem, lack of glow on face, blackness on the face, and many other problems remain. So in such a case it will follow a rule, then all this problem will be solved.

What is a rule-

1) You should get up every morning in the middle of the morning from 4 am to 5 pm. And should sleep between 9 to 10 at night. And in the morning you should definitely exercise. Because doing this will refresh your body.

2) You should consume 20 ml of Indian gooseberry juice and 20 ml aloe vera juice in the empty stomach water every morning. Because there is anti-aging in it. Which prevents your old age from coming. It does not allow wrinkles on your face. This is extremely beneficial for the eyes. And it is extremely beneficial to make hair strong and thick.

3) You should definitely use germinated sprouts every morning. Apart from this, you must also consume fruits and oatmeal.

4) In the afternoon, you should eat curd and buttermilk and must take milk before sleeping at night. It removes all your problems and makes you fit.

Green coriander is present in the coronary, will be amazed to know the benefits of treating bigger diseases
Consumption of green coriander is very beneficial for the body. Green coriander contains eleven components, six types of acids, minerals and vitamins, which give great benefit to your health. Consumption of green coriander prevents many diseases. Also keeps your body healthy. Green Coriander is used in the dishes as a spice and for garnish. But coriander is very good for our health.

Consumption of green coriander removes many diseases. Coriander is beneficial in relieving the digestive system's gas, swelling and irritability. If you make a coriander juice and drink it, it helps you keep your stomach away from many diseases. Apart from this, it is said to be suffering from thyroid-like illness, drinking it a cup of coriander juice provides relief in the thyroid problem.

Consumption of coriander also helps in removing many other problems related to the body. If you consume coriander, then it is helpful in treating many diseases like blood pressure, substandard, swelling, more cholesterol, diarrhea, mouth ulcers, anemia, indigestion, smallpox, sugar. It also purifies the blood from inside. The whole body is healthy.

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