Friday, 22 February 2019

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If you are troubled with weak body then start from today, consuming this thing, body will become Fauldad

Hello friends Some people consume native English medicines and many things to make body. But due to not becoming a body, they are upset. Perhaps you do not know heavy food is very difficult to digest. Because of which our bodies do not eat and drink, and we fail to make a powerful body. Today, we will tell you such a powder, which will strengthen digestive power. It helps in making body and it is absolutely Ayurvedic.

Soybean contains plenty of protein and vitamins. It is also used to make expensive supplements. But you can make it even at home, grind small soybean and big soybean and make powder. Take 1 teaspoon of this powder with hot milk after one hour after applying the gym, consuming the face powder daily removes the body's weakness. It helps in the formation of the body and it strengthens the powder digestive power, causing food to be eaten.

In ancient times, King Maharaj used to consume it to increase strength

As we all know that in ancient times, King Maharaja had many wives at the same time. To keep more than one wife, money is required as well as money. In the olden times, allopathic medicines were not practiced. With the help of Ayurvedic medicines, King Maharaja also held more than one wife and took care of her health. Our ancestors' age was higher than ours. And he used to be powerful from us. Today we are going to tell you about such a powerful method that will be very useful for your domestic relations.

Essential commodities

. Prepare the powder by mixing triphala powder in 6 grams, Harad, Amla and Bahera in the ratio of 1 2 3.

. 2 gram sesame oil

. 12 gms of honey

After making the powder, mix sesame oil and honey in it and make the chutney well.

Use method

Take a half teaspoon with a glass of hot milk before sleeping at night. In the morning empty stomach can take half a spoon with lukewarm water done with hot milk. Regular use of it will not only increase the capacity of the body. All diseases related to tomorrow's stomach will end. Regularly consume this drug for 1 month. This medicine strengthens the patient to be healthy, the male and the weak, the weak. It will also be used regularly on your domestic relations and will have a warm relationship with your wife.

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