How to Make Home at Home, Bhaskar Powder, Once Sure You Can Never Come to Work

Most people have problems with stomach problems. The main thing is that there is gas in the stomach, constipation in the stomach, abdominal pain, lack of appetite, digestion not properly, for which people consume many types of medicines. Continuous consumption of it increases the stomach problems rather than decreasing. So today we are going to tell the method of making salt Bhaskar powder. By making it at home, you can easily solve problems associated with stomach.

So let's know how to make salt at home,

Take 24 grams of all these medicines like Rockha Salt, Bidnom, Nagakassar, Tejpatta, Catechapatra, Aitas, Shahjira, People and Pipalam. Take 12-12 grams of black pepper, cumin and soda, 60 gram of big cardamom and cinnamon. Make sugarcane by mixing salt with 60 grams, pomegranate 48 grams, sea salt 96 grams, and make powder by decoding all the medicines. Now add lemon juice to this powder, so that it becomes wet. Now dry it in the sun and grind it again by making powder and filtering the fabric. This is called salt bhaskar powder only.

The method of intake-

Consume 1 to 3 grams of wheat or yogurt or hot water. Let us know that it can be consumed up to 10 grams as per need.

Tell us that after consuming salt Bhaskar powder every day, all problems related to the stomach will be removed. It is unique in terms of properties and its consumption is less than any panacea for the stomach.

How to Make Home at Home, Bhaskar Powder, Once Sure You Can Never Come to Work...''

In today's lifestyle, people have to have two types of stomach problems because of the way people eat food. One of them is the gas problem in the stomach. Generally, people consider it very common, ignore them or they consume medicines. Even if the problem can be solved for some time, but later the situation worsens again. To treat the problem of gas in the stomach it is important for the person to concentrate on his diet. So let us know about some foods that may increase your problem and keep you away from your diet -

If you have problems with gas in your stomach, then do not consume things made from potatoes and onions at night. In fact, the quantity of cholesterol in potato and onion is very high, causing gas in the stomach.

It may be good to eat fast food but it is the root of many problems. Actually, many types of spices are used to make such food, which greatly increases the stomach's heat. Not only does it cause problems in the stomach like gas but also irritation and indigestion.

People who often have gas problems in the stomach should not eat cabbage. This can increase your problem several times. Especially, this vegetable is very difficult to digest and if it is eaten at night then gas, indigestion and other problems arise in the stomach.

It is difficult to digest gram flour, and due to which the gas starts becoming a gas. So if you have gas problems, then you have to give up the gram flour forever.

In the morning, after forgetting breakfast, the oil and spices should not be eaten. It will make you feel heavier, as well as face the gas problem throughout the day. Try that morning breakfast is light and nutritious.

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