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Do you know the side effects of watching porn in human health

This news can be a little nervous to the men watching porn. According to a survey, it has been revealed that seeing a lot of porn reduces a particular part of the brain.
This part of the brain is responsible for encouraging and interested in stratium. By watching more porn, this part becomes abnormal. Gradually, enthusiasm and desire decreases in sex for sex in a man. The man can also become impotent.
What was done in this study:
In Berlin Charlie University, 64 young men from 21 to 45 years were selected for this study. He was asked questions about his porn watch habits. In addition, the image of his mind was measured and what was seen in it when watching porn. It was found that the stratum part of the mind of men watching more porn is somewhat smaller than the ones seen in the low-or low-end male.
So today we are discus about watching porn side effects on human body.
People who watch too much come closer to the Artificial World and they start having difficulties connecting with people in their private life.
People like to see in porn movies, the same relationship they want in their life, which is not possible, because what is shown in porn is not real. In such a situation, the sense of satisfaction with their relationship starts decreasing in people and they also go into depression. They start feeling people cut off themselves.
By excessive consumption of pornography, we begin to think of sex as synonymous with love and intimacy. After this, sex is seen as an object rather than working to strengthen the relationship between two people, as well as its emotions have no meaning.
After its addiction, we get used to the things that we did not consider ourselves right at one time. We all want to do what we see in porn, which is probably not possible. The viewer does not understand the fact that Acting more is done in these videos. You start to interact with your partner, which is not really true.
A person is selfish when watching excessive porn. He only starts thinking about himself and his satisfaction. People start bothering their partners and a special type of porn promotes violence against women.

Ladies, This Is How Your Body Changes When You Start Having Sex

Most of us have a certain idea of how our first time is going to be. No matter if it happens as planned or not but its memory lasts forever in our minds. Losing your virginity in relationship is a big thing. Building physical relationship is beneficial for health.  But after having sex there are lot of changes in our body especially in women’s body. Most of the woman wonders what happens to them that they go from unique changes in their body.

There is a major change in girl’s nature after becoming physical in relationship. They will be less-angered. There is also a different shine on their face.

Women face some changes in their periods after maintaining physical relationship. During sex, their hormones get active and their periods can delay temporarily.

After having their first time women go through different emotional changes as well. They will be more affectionate. They also feel cheerful and the world will seem like a happy place, even if everything is just the same.

During and after sex, the tissues in your breast swell up and the blood vessels dilate leading to firmer breasts. But, this goes back to normal post sex and is only a temporal state.

It also boosts their self-confidence as well as encourages them for good social behavior.

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