Do 1 work every day to get the stomach out

The biggest obstacle to physical fitness is to come out of the stomach. Most of the time people are worried about this problem. Those people who try flat stomach and strive for it, do not need dyeing to get a flat stomach and no more stress is required. Today we will tell you about the exercise for flat stomach.

Do this exercise to flat the stomach:

Generally you can get a flat stomach by exercising each day, but if you want to reduce your stomach soon, you will need to exercise specifically for it.

To get a flat stomach, you have to exercise differently and with varying changes in your diet.

You have to run fast every day for at least half an hour and jogging. Doing this will make your body fit for digestion, or it can reduce the fat of your body.

Keep in mind that do not sit in the process of making the abs, your stomach will not be flat.

Of this, very little sugar should be consumed. Many people will know that taking more sugar increases fat and stomach also comes out.

-If there are lots of asanas for inflating the stomach, but you can do your best posture. It also strengthens the muscles with the stomach.

Increase the amount of fiber in your diet Eat less bread, pasta, potato, white rice. You can eat brown rice. Fresh fruit and vegetables also prove to be very helpful in making the stomach flat.

5 easy home remedy for improving digestive power

Our health is directly related to drinking our food. Whatever we eat comes into our body directly and its digestion happens. By digestion our body gets energy and nutrition. If your digestive power is weak then your body does not get enough amount of nutrition. Our digestive power is becoming weak due to changes in our lifestyle and eating habits of nowadays. Nowadays people are troubled with weak digestive power. Today in this article, we are going to tell you about the poor digestive power and the 4 home remedies to heal it.

Due to weakening of digestive power
Do not sleep
Do not eat food on time
Eat fast food
Always stay in tension
Fast food
Sit in one place
Lack of physical activity

Home remedies for increasing digestion power
Mix the powder of avalad, black pepper, cinnamon, dent salt, asafoetida, cumin seeds, equal quantity and mix powder. You can also make small tablets if you wish. With regular use, your digestive power is strong and hunger increases.
Make powder by grinding cardamom seeds and sugar candy in equal proportions. Take 3 grams of powder twice a day. This will improve your digestive system in a few days.
Take black salt, cumin and celery in equal quantity and grind it and make powder. Take a teaspoon of water daily with it.
With a small piece of ginger, add lemon juice to it and suck it, it is our digestive power which starts to improve.
Heat the celery in water and cool it down and drink it. By doing this your digestion power will improve.

Extra tip
Due to poor digestive power, do not exercise our physical and physical activity. If you want to avoid this problem, always go to morning speech. You can also take advantage of Yoga and Exercise. Apart from this, doing any physical activity keeps our digestion power going well.

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