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Clear your body parts to the dark organs.

The parts of our body that can not be cleansed from us, they look a little darker and darker than the rest of the body. One of them is the underarm, elbows and knee blackness, which look quite strange to see. Such blackness of skin makes the beauty of our personality absolutely unbearable. In this article we will show you ways to overcome the blackness of underarm arm, elbow and knee etc.

Gram Flour -

Besan has been used as ayurvedic cosmetics since ancient times. It is also very helpful in removing the elbows, underarm or knee pain. For this, take two spoons of lemon juice and honey in a spoonful of gram flour and honey by putting it on the underarm, elbows, knees or other parts and after a while take it with light warm water. By applying this, blackness gradually gets away.

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Milk and baking soda -

Soda soda, also known as baking soda. This can prove to be very beneficial for our skin. It proves to be very useful and effective in removing the blackness of the organs. For this, adding milk to baking soda, putting on the elbow and knee etc., eliminates blackness.

Cucumber -

These cucumbers not only help to moisturize our skin, but it also helps to soften the skin tone. To remove the blackness of the elbow and knee etc. slice the cucumbers and scrub them. After rubbing for a while, leave it for 8 to 10 minutes. Now wash with cold water. Of course, after a few days you will feel the difference. You can also apply grated potatoes.

Pimples are due to your 10 mistakes.

Vicious and stubborn pimples on skin have become a problem for most young people nowadays. The reason for this is the change in Hormonus with increasing age. But due to some of your mistakes Pimples get started again and again. Even if you use beauty products or home remedies to get rid of it, but this problem will continue to happen until you make changes in your habits.

Pimples are due to your own mistakes
Excess use of cosmetic
Excessive use of cosmetic products can make the pumpkin out. Many times women live in makeup all day and do not make makeup properly at night. This can also be pimples due to this.

Bad habits related to food
According to the research, high glycemic meals, such as dairy products, high sugar drinks, oily things, junk food and fried food also cause nail-acne and pimples.

Taking more stress
When you are in stress then there are some changes inside your body that can cause the pimples. In fact, tension releases chemicals called Neuropatrids, which can lead to further stress. Tension of small things in this way.

Avoid pollution
One of the main reasons for getting Pimples is pollution and dust so that you do not necessarily need to protect the skin. Due to this, the dirt gets accumulated on the face, which causes the nail-mouths. It is important that you cover the face thoroughly while you go out and clean the skin regularly.

High intake of coffee
You may not believe it but drinking too much coffee also causes acne on the face. Actually, drinking excessive coffee or tea produces symbiotic, which later gives birth to pimples.

Smoking and drinking
Nowadays women are not behind anybody smoking and drinking, but their consumption does not only hurt the health but also spoils your beauty. It would be better to eat them.

High intake of medicines
Often people also consume antibiotics to overcome problems like minor headaches, but they can also have pimples. Instead, you can get rid of these small-scale health problems with home remedies.

Too much face wash
It is often said that face should be washed 4-5 times a day, while it is wrong. Wash face only twice a day because washing frequently face can also complicate pimples. Actually, washing face face with facewash or soap, it gets dry, due to which the nail comes out of the mouth.

Excessive consumption of sweet
Pouring too much sugar in your diet also causes acne on the face. If you want to keep the face free of pimples, then reduce the sweet food.

Do not keep skin and hair hygienic
It is very important to keep skin and hair clean. Dirt stored in hair becomes the cause of dandruff. As the pores of skin begin to stop. It starts getting acne.

Treat home remedies
Lemon juice and honey
Mix salt and honey in lemon juice, place it in a place of pimples. After 15 minutes, clean the face with fresh water. By doing this daily, the pimples will end with the root.

Neem paste
Grind fresh leaves of Neem for 15 minutes on your face. Then clean the face with fresh water. This will end the problem of infection and you will get rid of pimples.

Ayurvedic turmeric
To get rid of pimples, you can also use turmeric filled with medicinal properties. Mix turmeric water and turmeric in turmeric and keep it on pimples for 10 minutes and then clean it with lukewarm water. Regularly doing this will end your problem with the root.

Ice therapy
If you have come out before you go into any function, then pump the pieces of ice in cotton cloth after the night before it is released. Make it at least 5 times. From this the pimples will disappear quickly.

Acne prevention measures
Repeat face only with water.
Stay away from junk food and fried things
Eat Healthy Food. Stay away from tension and stress.

Do yoga and drink plenty of water.

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