99% of people do not know what happens to eating this fruit, so read 1 time

Friends, the name of the fruit I am talking to is a mulberry and it is a sweet black fruit, while it looks red and green before rubbing. If it's properties, then potassium vitamin A and phosphorus are found in abundance. Which is extremely beneficial for health and many such benefits which we will tell you in detail.

1.) Vitamin A potassium calcium and phosphorus present in mulberry, such beneficial elements cleans our stomach worms.

2.) Combining this fruit with sugar, it helps to get rid of the sun stroke because the mulberry is cool.

3.) If you drink the juice of this fruit, your eyesight will remain intact and fast.

4.) By consuming this fruit, some diseases of the stomach such as constipation fight with problems like acidity and burning in urine.

This will make a fruit out of all your diseases, use it like this

sea. Usually you have heard in your homes about fruits that they will not get the fruits during this season, they will get sick. Seasonal fruits also have a shower. Which you eat tastes. You also know the benefits of some fruits, but there are some fruits which are less visible in the market but they have a lot of benefits. Some fruits are such that the blood starts increasing rapidly as soon as they are consumed. The work that we are going to tell today is also wonderful. It is said so far that this fruit can remove all your diseases. So let's know what is this fruit and its merits ...

The fruit we are talking about is known as Kamakhakh. It is shaped like a star. Each slice is made in a star cutting shape. Here is the reason that it is also known as Star Fruit. It is sour in the food. It is also used in making chaat masala. Kamarakh has been told to fight the diseases in Ayurveda science.

This will make a fruit out of all your diseases, use it like this

Diseases like this are used by the use of weird fruit

Many diseases are removed from the fruit, but it is special for the eyes. According to local doctor SK Tantaw, the liver may prove to be the most beneficial for reducing inflammation of eyes. However, for this, the waistline will be eaten daily as a medicine, the effect of which will be seen on your own. It also keeps eyes away from disease. Not only the eyes, they also work to enhance your skin. Apart from this, the dull skin also looks shiny.

This will make a fruit out of all your diseases, use it like this

Ramavan is also the victim for these diseases

In addition to the eyes, Kamarkh works for many diseases. It also uses it to control the growing weight. The elements found in this control keep obesity in control and are helpful in reducing it. Regular use of it shows the effect of your body soon. By consuming it increases the amount of your body which keeps the weight in control. It also reduces the diseases of the heart. If you eat regular waist, it will help to lose weight. This reduces calorie intake and the amount of fiber increases in the body. Because of which the body's extra fat is less quickly.

People who do not feel hungry and because of this they are becoming thin thin. For them, lesser is less than a boon. If one does not feel hungry, then he should wake up in the morning and drink a glass of Kamarkha with sugar mixed with juice. In 3-4 days, you will start seeing the effect. This fruit, which is available in winter, is beneficial for your health and in this light green and yellow fruits, calories are found to be very high. Vitamin C is very high in it.

This will make a fruit out of all your diseases, use it like this

Eating less often does not lead to skin related diseases.

In winter many people have skin related problems, some of them are upset with the problem of ringworm and itching. Such people should consume less weight. The problem of ringworm and itching decreases to a great extent. As the fruit of the waist comes with strength, it also gives body fatness. If the fruit of Kamarkha is eaten raw, it gives the body plenty of energy and energy. Due to the abundance of Vitamin C in the fruit of Kamarakh it increases the amount of nutrients and hence it increases the body's resistance to the disease. If you have dandruff in your hair, add almond juice to the almond oil and apply the mixture on the scalp and after half an hour wash your head after dandruff will be over and hair will become more shiny

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