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5 Things Which You Must Avoid Eating From Today To Live A Longer And Healthier Life

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The production of new food in today time is increasing rapidly. This is also being considered as the sign of changing and developing world. The trend of Chinese food has effected many people in our country. However we should stop eating junk food and avoid cholesterol. So guys today we are going to tell about five such things which you should avoid eating and quit as soon as possible. So let's see them-

1. Microwave Popcorn
Such foods which bloom after going in your stomach can be very harmful for you stomach. Never serve microwave times like cake and popcorn. If you really want to have it then always prefer hand made cakes and popcorn which are made in pressure cooker.
2. Rice

Rice is the complex form of starch and thereby it has high amount of carbohydrates. Eating to much rice will make you fatty and it has a very funny natural effect. You will start snoring at night after you stomach come out. If you are young then you should purely avoid it and focus on eating chupatty.
3. Palm oil

Oils of today's time are very harmful for human body. Consuming too much oils leads to heart attack. One should avoid eating fried food such as samosa and bakery times especially. The one who consumes a pastry daily is going to get a heart attack in coming months.
4. Cold drinks

People think that drinking cold drinks help in food digestion and keep stomach healthier. It's totally unacceptable. Drinking such stuffs may cause you ulcers in your stomach, fluctuations in blood pressure, and most probably are the cause of diabetes.
5. Egg

There is a lot of controversy on this topic, but it has been stated by many scientist that consumption of the yellow yolk can be harmful. This is not accepted by many people of the world but the people of America have stopped eating eggs yolk.
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