3 Foods you should never reheat

To be healthy, we always eat fresh food. Due to eating food, there is a wide variety of diseases in our body. A lot of people believe that the food gets refreshed by heating again. But thinking like this is absolutely wrong. By heating the following 3 things again, the food is like eating poison.
1. Chicken:

By eating chicken, the body gets rich in both proteins and fats. But heating the chicken again makes the food harmful. The protein present in the chicken ends by heating again and affects our digestive system. Continually doing this, there are many types of problems and the possibility of infection in our body.
2. Palak:
Palak is very beneficial for health. Doctors also recommend to eat it. But do you know, can it be harmful to the body by heating it again? Whereas, heating palak again promotes the fatal disease like cancer.
3. Mushroom:

Mushroom is consumed especially for protein. But by heating it again, the protein contained in it gets destroyed. Therefore, fresh mushrooms are always beneficial for health.
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