Women who wear bullies, this work worsens, husband's health

Women who wear bullies, this work worsens, husband's health

In the list of women's dress makeup, the beak worn in the foot is of great importance. After marriage, in the demand of woman, the importance of vermilion and Mangalasutra in the neck, in the same way, bichia is also indicative of the woman being married.
This makeup for the husband's longevity is the identity of our culture and rites. On the other hand, there are four moons in the beauty of a married woman. But sometimes due to fewer information we make some mistakes. Because of which the husband's age decreases as long as he is older. Along with that, poverty is coming from the wife of her husband.
Considering the astrological scriptures, the grace of the sun and the moon persists on both husband and wife. We should take care that it is only silver. Do not forget to wear a gold bucket on your feet. Never wear a loose bear in your finger, and never give your tail to someone else. By doing this, your husband may be both poor and poor.
There is also a scientific argument behind wearing beechia that it gives regular menstruation to women. At the same time, wearing a bear in the other finger of the right foot makes it easier to conceive because the silver is a good conductor, the earth recovers the polar energy and reaches the body, causing our body to be completely refreshed. With this, women who wear beechia never have any problem in pregnancy, because there is a special nerve in the other finger from the thumb of the feet, which is directly connected to the uterus. It controls the uterus and keeps its blood pressure appropriate.

Do you know why women wear a worm in the leg?
You may have seen that after marriage after marriage in Hindu Dharma, women start wearing shoes. It is, therefore, seen as a religious ritual and it is also an important part of the woman's sixteen adornments. Lennick today we are telling you that wearing a bikhiya is not only a sign of getting married, but it also has many benefits from science perspective. You probably have not been aware that wearing veiled hair has many health benefits ...

Menstruation is Regular
Wicker is not worn just for makeup, but wearing it also has many advantages. Wearing wear is related to menstrual problems and menstrual period is regular.

Acupressure works
All the nerves and muscles of the body work properly by wearing a bear. From this, all the nerves and muscles from soles to navel are arranged.

The effect of the uterus also affects

You might be surprised to know this, but the direct connection to wearing a wicker is from their uterus. According to science, there is a special vein in the other finger from the thumb of the feet, which is attached to the uterus. It controls the uterus and balances blood pressure and keeps it healthy.

Increasing Fertility Capacity
Wearing wear increases the fertility of women. Wearing a tail in the foot plays an important role in increasing fertility.

Remains in the body
Bichia is mostly made of silver and silver is considered to be a good medium of energy. Therefore, by wearing a worm in the feet, it corrects the polar energy of the Earth and transmits it to the body so that the whole body gets refreshed.

These are Ayurvedic beliefs

According to Ayurveda, chicken pox plays an important role in increasing the fertility in women. In fact, wearing a nail is a vein of cytic nerves, which causes blood flow to the other veins in the surrounding. Whereby the flow of blood to the uterus, bladder and intestines is cured.

relieves stress

Wearing wear gives stress away and feels relaxed.

Keeps the heart healthy

The tantra of the second finger is related to the uterus and it passes through the heart. Therefore, wearing a wicker keeps the heart rate constant.

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