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White hair will turn black in root in 3 days. This is the easiest recipe, girls must read

Almost everyone loves their hair, and if a person's hair becomes white then the person gets very upset and starts using several different chemical products to make his hair black, Hair is more harmful, therefore, today we are going to tell you about a prescription that you use to make your hair black for ever. TE.

By using the prescription that we are going to tell you today, you can also blacken your hair and prevent it from falling. The recipe you are about to tell us today will not have any side effect as it is a natural recipe but still before using this prescription, consult your doctor once for sure because every person There are different types of cells in the body.

What will be needed to make the prescription

Today, we will need hard leaves and coconut oil to make the recipe you are about to tell. The recipe to make this recipe is also quite easy and you can use this recipe very easily. Let us know how to make and use this recipe.

How to make prescription

To make this recipe, first take 100 grams of cardamom and grind it into a mixer and make powder. Now add 100 grams of coconut oil in a strict condition and boil them with a strong leaf powder and boil them well. After boiling, keep some time for the oil to cool down and after cooling, filter the oil thoroughly and fill it in the bottle.

How to use prescription 

Now 3 times a week, before sleeping, apply this oil in your hair and massage this oil by putting it in the root of your hair. You will begin to feel the difference in your hair within 3 days after doing this.

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Put the hard leaf in 3 times, then you will be surprised to see which effect will be

Friends are used to enhance the flavor in Indian dish, which is similar to neem leaves in order to show a strong leaf. That is why it is also known as black neem or sweet neem. All medicines are also found in this. The taste of taste comes from the taste of mahek and taste and at the same time it is also very useful for our health. Friends, too many foliage for stomach diseases Greens are diminished and its root is also used for our eyes and kidney diseases. In hard sticks, iron, copper and zinc are in abundance and with this, difficulties to overcome the problem of many types of hair Also useful in

It is a common practice in today's times to be friends, but it is very important to know what can be the reason for balo's being white, because the amount of people in the age of 20 or 30 is white Friends may be due to many reasons like not getting the right kind of nutrition in bad food. Friends, hard leaves prove very helpful in blackening the hair. Committee on the benefits of your long hair black and strong will link cards to access strengthen the roots of the hair stiff leaves friends often people use dye available in the market for black hair |

But due to this, chemicals rich in dye and pollution cause our hair to weaken and damages to Balo. Friends, all the nutrients found in hard leaves, which are particularly beneficial for hair, by making hard paste paste Apply in the root of Balo If you wish, you can eat hard leaves if you do not have any problem with its bitter taste. By doing this, your hair is long and dense You will also get the roots of your hair strengthened. There are also Vitamin B and C in stiff leaves, as well as iron, calcium and phosphorus. Regular consumption of this hair will make your hair long black and strong and also Dandruff's problems will also be overcome in Balo. So let's know the friends how to use black leaves to make black black and dark, make a paste of strawberry paste for hair. Take a little hard leaves and wash them well with water and then grind them thoroughly and make a paste. Now add some curd in this paste and apply it on your hair for 20 to 25 minutes in your hair. Leave it and then wash your hair with shampoo after this will make your hair darker and thicker and also will bring natural light

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