To make your face beautiful and white

1 Folks, we keep telling you about the remedies for the face. And after putting these remedies on the face, you may have benefited greatly. Today, we have brought you a remedy to apply on your face, instead of mixing it in water, with the help of which you will get magical light on your face. Let's learn about these tips and get a change in yourself.

Everyone wants to get beautiful and fair skin, especially women, so what do they not do to let their face be beautiful and white? Yes, women are not afraid to use expensive beauty products to get beautiful and blonde skin, but due to the overuse of chemical products, their skin is bad only because the chemical is not good for our skin.

Today in this article we are going to tell you a very easy and good recipe to enhance glow and fame on your face.

For this recipe, you do not need to apply anything on the face but only need to drink water. The more water you drink, the more you stay healthy and if some things are mixed in the water, then your skin will be very glowing.

Honey and water
Drink honey mixed with water is very good for our health. Not only does it help in losing weight, but also good for health and beauty. Drink the mixture of honey mixed in empty stomach hot water every morning, the dirt that is produced inside the body goes out, and if you are upset with obesity then doing this remedy will remove your obesity quickly.

Almost everyone uses lemonade. Yes, we all know that lemon is very beneficial for both our health and skin. Therefore, drink hot water or lemon juice mixed with normal water every morning. This will keep the dihydration healthy and if the stomach is clean then the skin will start to glow automatically.

Mint water
Who does not know about the stomach pudding? Peppermint is used in many ways. Many women eat it by making chutney, and even because of this, you can also reduce obesity. In keeping the stomach clean, the mint is not less than a boon; it also preserves the glow on the face. You can use it in the form of a diet in the summer too, this will make you feel fresh. You can wake up in the morning by mixing mint in warm water or by boiling the mint leaves and drinking its water.
5 Great tips

1 After you wake up every morning after drinking half a half lemon juice and one spoon of honey in a glass of hot water, your skin will always remain young and beautiful. Because antioxidants are found in abundance in lemon and Vitamin C is found. Which reduces extra fat from your body and is also beneficial for the skin.
2 Every day you eat at least four to five almonds in the water throughout the night. Vitamin E is found in very large amounts of almonds. Which is very beneficial for our skin. Glowing makes our skin healthier than by giving shiny effects.

3 You must wear skin glowing face marks 2 to 3 times a week, it will keep glow in your skin and your skin will always remain healthy and bright. For this, add a little milk, a little turmeric, half lemon juice and one spoon honey in it.

Apply this face pack to your face Skin whitening properties are found in this face pack. If you have stained spots on your face dark spot pigmentation. So it removes them very easily.

Once in 4 weeks, you must exfoliat your screen which is very important for our screen. For this, you add half a lemon juice and one spoon of honey in one spoon of sugar and apply it to circular motion on your screen. This will remove all the dirt and dead skin from your screen.

Make sure to massage your screen once in 5 Weeks, it stays tight in our skin issues and blood circulation is intensified. And it will not help you in your skin. For this, you take some olive oil in your hands and massage your face in 10 to 15 minutes in circular motion. It will keep your skin always young.

If you take these 5 tips seriously, then your skin will always remain smooth, shiny and stained.

2 People do not do anything to be fair in today's fashionable fashion. Blond people are beautiful and they are also impressed with them. If a person looks smart, then personality is also enhanced. Those who look beautiful, their Confidence levels are also high. And those who look beautiful are always happy.

 Multani soil
Multani soil is readily available everywhere. Multani clay is also used in cosmetics. Put multni clay in water and make a thick paste. Add a little lemon juice too. After this, apply this paste on the face and keep it till the damp coating does not dry on the face. After that wash the mouth with clean water. Stains on the face will also become clear and the face will look completely white.

Turmeric use

Turmeric is such a natural medicine. Which is very useful in our daily life. It is useful in some kind of disease and injury. And it is also very effective for making our face white. First, take a little turmeric powder and mix a little lemon juice and water and make a paste. Put this paste on your face for 15 minutes. After this, wash the face with lukewarm water. It can be used twice a week.

Rice powder
Rice powder is also used in the form of beauty dresses. In it the mercury-amino Benzoic Acid, Vitamin E, Anti Accident and Ferrolic Acid. That is why it proves very useful for our skin. Grind raw rice in a mixer and prepare the powder. Mix equal quantity of milk into powder and make paste. Put it on your face for 1 hour, then wash the face with clean water. Use it twice a week.

coconut oil
Mix baking soda in about 2 teaspoon coconut oil and prepare the paste. Apply this paste to the face and lightly massage for 5 minutes and after 15 minutes wash the face with clean water. Repeat this daily for good results.

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