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This is the best recipe to increase length at any age.

Friends, as you guys know that there are many people whose highs are very low. And because of their low heights, others are very upset and make fun of them. Apart from this, the heights of the people go above their father. Boys who have the right of their father's right, the boys' hands are good at their own pace. Apart from this, the boys' hight stops reading in the wrong way, such as at the young age, such as gutka, cigarette, drinking alcohol etc.

So today we are going to tell you about a great home recipe to increase the height. By doing this, you can increase your height faster.

Fast hight recipe

To make this recipe you will need a glass of milk and a spoonful good. You have to take a teaspoon jaggery in the empty stomach a glass of milk every morning and drink it. Remember that milk should be used only by cow. Because cow's milk is very effective for our body.

If a person adopts this recipe correctly for 30 days then the height of that person definitely increases. If a person whose height is not even trying to do everything at all, then the person has to start taking the rope along with taking the remedy. At least 500 times the person has to jump the rope. Then the height of that person will definitely increase. Keep in mind that the rope-jumping work should be given to you on your pajob and do not let your palms get on the ground.

By mixing a pinch of asafoetida with water, you will be able to drink it, these are the perfect benefits
In every Indian kitchen, the asafetida is used for tasting every dishes. Ayurveda is said to be as a medicine, which has been told about the many benefits of consuming daily, children have stomach ache or The pain of menstrual period, only after drinking a pinch of asafetida, all kinds of pain are removed. Let us know the benefit of drinking Ayurvedic medicine i.e. a pinch of 'asafetida of water'.


1 .In ayurveda, asafoetida has been described as a potent medicine, the use of asafoetida is particularly effective for males and it also increases libido.

2. Drinking water of asafoetida for up to seven days, digestion power is strong; Asafoetida acid ends in the body, and ends before many stomach diseases occur.

3 .Applying asafetida in the water in Ayurveda was considered a contraceptive treatment in ancient times, making a paste of asafetida was done by removing cold and cold by applying the chest and nose and near the nostrils.

4. Hyang water is a panacea for diabetics, besides for those whose kidneys are weak, asafoetida is the best home remedies.

5 .If there is worm in the teeth, then after drinking it daily, after mixing it with a pinch of light lukewarm water, get rid of the problem of tooth decay.

6 .Heon water also strengthens bones, drinking water of asafoetic powder daily, there is no shortage of water in the body.

7. Asafetida is very beneficial in many body-like skin diseases such as herpes, itch or itchy. If there is skin disease, it is useful to rub the asafoetida in water and apply it.

Try 10 grams of jaggery and cumin, the effective drug for 10 problems.

Jiggery and cumin are both used for the benefits associated with the health as well as the health benefits. You must have heard of the different benefits of these and also the benefits of cumin water, but also know the benefits of water of jaggery and cumin. You have to boil the jaggery and cumin in water simultaneously and before eating it means that the empty stomach is to use it -

1 This water of jaggery and cumin is quite beneficial to meet the lack of blood in the body. If you have a deficiency of blood or anemia, then definitely drink it.

2 This problem of stomach problems such as constipation, gas, flatulence and stomachache etc. will prove to be very beneficial for this water of jaggery and cumin. Gradually your problems will end.

3 Jiggery and cumin water are beneficial in increasing the immunity of the body as well as cleaning the inside of the body. It removes unwanted elements from the body

Cleans the internal organs.

4 This water is an effective solution for pain in different organs of the body. It is helpful in relieving physical pain and also provides relief in pain in women during menstrual cycle.

5 In the event of fever, cold and headache, this water of jaggery and cumin is very beneficial. It is helpful to get relief early on when the fever comes.

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