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These tips will not be used when applying mascara, fear of spreading

By wearing mascara, the eyes begin to look even more beautiful. Always make heavy make-up, but women do not forget to put mascara on their eyes. There are several ways to apply it, which prevents mascara all day and there is no spread out. Let's learn, some tips for mascara.

Clear eyes before putting mascara
Before applying mascara on the eyes, clean them well with toner. This will make the skin of the eyes dry and then put a cleaner and massage the skin.

Put Loose Powder
After applying cleanser, add lowder powder to the underwear area of the eyes. After that apply Essential Oil and Massage so that it is well absorbed on the skin.

Build primer or foundation with foundation
After that apply the primer or the foundation under the eyes. This will create a smooth base and mascara will last longer.

Find this kind of mascara
When the base is ready, start mascara. Keep in mind that its pencils can be sharpe and keep the mascara always from the outerline outline to the inner corner. Starting from the outer edge of the eyes, try to apply the mascara from the inner side. after this
 Add Compact Powder This will result in the finishing of mascara.

Black eyes are big eyes
If you want to show your eyes bigger, then black colored mascara. If the eyes are already large then you can place a nude mascara instead.

Put night to black
The special tips for wearing mascara is to wear a thick mascara before sleeping at night. In the morning it will spread completely, then wash your face with face wash. The mascara spread on the eyes will also go away and it will also have a fine line. It will not spread again.

Keep these things carefully before buying mascara
Mascara is not only applying but it is also important to take care of many things while buying it. If you put a mascara of a poor quality, then it is afraid to make eyes look bad.

Buy good company mascara
Mascara is the closest product to the eye, so do not run behind the cheap but always buy a good company's mascara.

Mascara pencil keeps best
Although there are many types of mascara in the market, pencils are best for this. It is easier to apply and remains even longer. Pencil is also of two types thin and thick. You can buy it by looking at its numbers. The thicker pencil mascara spreads very quickly, while thin-pencil mascara is time-consuming.

Do not mix this kind of mascara
Some people may be allergic to the eyes by applying mascara. If you feel itching, irritation or even dryness, then immediately remove it from the eye. Delicate eyes can also cause damage to it.

Of course, expo data
Every beauty product has an expiry date. When buying mascara, check its dates so that there is no any kind of info about the eye.

If you want to increase your eyesight, then everyday you will eat strawberries.

The red-red strawberry looks as beautiful as much as it is in delicious food. It is also very beneficial for our health. It contains plenty of protein, calories, fiber, iron, folate, omega 3 fatty acids, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B and vitamin C. Those who keep our body out of diseases.

1- There is plenty of vitamin B and vitamin C in strawberries. By eating strawberries daily, our immune system becomes stronger. If you feel very tired while doing any work, then take strawberries.

2- Eating strawberries for eyes is very beneficial. There are plenty of vitamins C and antioxidant properties. Besides keeping eyes healthy, besides taking strawberries daily, there is no cataract problem.

3-Strawberries have plenty of flavonoids, folate and antioxidants properties. By consuming it daily, the elements that produce cancer cells in the body do not take birth.

4- To avoid heart diseases, take strawberries daily. Strawberries also prevent the blocking of bad cholesterol in the body as well as preventing the arteries from blocking. This reduces the risk of heart disease.

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