These 10 Homemade Tips for Beauty Problems

Everyone needs long hair, glowing skin and handsome hands, but it is not just about everyone's use of expensive-expensive treatments and beauty products to make them beautiful. If it comes in handy then home remedies that not only help increase our beauty, but also keep side effects from the products of the chemicals. Today we are going to tell you about 10 homemade beauty tips which will also work for you.

Creamy hand massage
Like feet, keep the hands too shampoo soaked in water. Then dry and massage with good cream. The skin of the hands will be clean and tender.

Remove dark circles potatoes
To remove the dark circle, rub a piece of raw potato around the eyes. Do this for 10 minutes daily and then clean the face with fresh water. This gradually dark circles will disappear.

To remove dead skin
Take lemon juice and mix the gram flour and turmeric powder in it and prepare the paste. Then remove the paste on the body and remove the dead skin. Then leave it for some time and clean it with fresh water. This will make the skin clean and glowing.

Remove from the seafront
Grind pieces of cilantro and mix a little sandal powder in it. Apply it on face and neck and leave it for 10 minutes. This will remove the furor and neck tone of the neck.

To clean the skin
Make a paste by adding a little rose water to the brinjal. Apply it on the skin and leave it for 10 minutes to dry and then clean the face with fresh water. This will make the skin perfectly clean.

Brighten skin
Rubbing the cucumber piece on the face before sleeping at night. By doing this daily, the face will get refined.

Find Moment Skin from Homemade Face Masks
Mix yogurt, honey and bran and prepare the paste. Then leave this paste for 20 minutes on face and then clean the face with fresh water. Use this face mask 1 times a week.

Famous masks for oily skin
If your skin is oily, mix lemon juice in the gram flour and put it on the face. Clean the face with lukewarm water after 15-20 minutes.

Make hair black
To maintain the color of hair, massage the curd at least twice a week in a week. And then wash with mild shampoo. The hair will not be white before time.

Make hair strong Stim massage
Make coconut, almond or olive oil hair massage to make the hair strong, long and thick. Then roast the towel in hot water on the hair and then wrap it. When the towel is cooled, wash the hair with fresh water and mild shampoo.

For the beautiful, vibrant skin, make these daily before sleeping, 9 parlors will not need expensive parlor sessions.

Serious women prefer to go to a parlor once a month for their skin and beauty and take a beauty session. In this beauty session, they take treatment for skin and hair care. But in all of these, a lot of money is spent. But your money will also be paid and you will also get some beauty, for this, you have to do some work before sleeping.

All these things are very easy to work on, but if you do them for a few days every day, you will not have to go to the parlor. And if Agra is gone, then your Aitva will not need expensive treatment.

For the beautiful, vibrant skin, make these daily before sleeping, 9 parlors will not need expensive parlor sessions.

Let us tell you 9 things that are done daily before sleeping and get natural beauty within 2 weeks:

1. No-makeup
This thing should be molded into your daily habit, that whenever you go to bed on the night you do not have to make a make-up. Because after sleeping at night, our skin pores open naturally and if a skin-based make-up is made on the skin then it goes into the skin and spoils it. So always sleep only after cleaning face.

2. Hand Cream
Take care of your hands with the face, then it has a good impression on others. Before sleeping on hands, put a hand cream, moisturizer or cold cream to sleep. This cream will work to soften the skin overnight and the stamina of hands will be removed.
3. Toner
Regular use of toner keeps the pH balance of the skin and if it is used before bedtime, it works fast. If you do not want to take expensive toner from the market then use rose water as a toner. Dip cotton hair in rose water every night, place it on face and sleep.

4. Eye Cream
Eyes maintain the attraction of our faces, so do a special job to make them beautiful. Take your hair according to your skin type and use it before bedtime. If you do not want to use the cream, add rose water around the eyes. This is also an effective experiment.

5. Bind the hair
It is better to sleep than to sleep by opening the hair, we also have reliefs overnight, but if you sleep by wearing hair, then it is a breakdown-control of hair. Try to make the hair 'shoe' and sleep. Another advantage of hindering the hair at night is that the hair does not fall on the hair while sleeping. There is also natural oil in the hair, which can cause some problems due to repeated facial changes.

6. Petroleum Jelly
Sleep in your feet by putting petroleum jelly It will work to soften the skin of your feet overnight. If the edges of the feet are torn, then within a week you can get the results you want.

7. Brush teeth
Not only for health reasons, but also to keep your smile attractive and beautiful, you also need teeth to be shiny. So brush the teeth twice, not once a day. Once in the morning and the second night before sleeping.

8. Change the fabric of the pillow
When you use the pillows you use while sleeping, the polluted particles on them spoil your skin. Therefore, note that you should supply silk cloth on this pillow. Because clay, unnecessary oil on the slick does not stick quickly.

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After doing all the above mentioned tasks at night, it is very necessary that you go to sleep and get a lot of sleep. After going to bed at night, using gadgets (mobile, laptop) for hours makes dark circles dark circles.

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