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Tell lipstick of the market, goodbye, beet sugar, lipstick at home

Friends, we all know that beet sugar is very good for both our health and beauty. With daily intake, there is no shortage of blood in your body, as well as consuming it also brings glow on the skin. Today, Benefits are going to tell for lips.

The main part of the girls' makeup is the lipstick, every girl uses it, but do you know how much damage you get from everyday use of it? It is even said that putting lipsticks daily is a risk of cancer. If you want to apply lipstick then apply lipsticks such as that which does not harm your lips.

But there is also no lipstick in the laughter market that does not harm your lips, so make lipsticks through beetroot at your house which will help to make your lips even more beautiful and keep the lips free of chemicals.

So let's know how to make beet lipstick at home -

Friends, you will need some things to prepare beet lipsticks at home, you will need fresh gramers, coconut oil, food processor strainer and a glass of small bowl.

Friends, many of you people will feel that it is better to buy lipstick from the market but let us tell you that this lipstick will not harm your lips, and this is absolutely natural and there is no chemical in it, so let's start Let's make lipstick of beetroot

Method of making lipstick - First you must take a fresh beet and clean it well with water. Now, peel it and make small pieces. You can add it to the food processor and make a paste and prepare the paste. This paste is a glass. Keep it in a bowl. Take care of once. It should be completely paste. No pieces remain in it and yes, while making this paste, you do not mix it with water.

Now you add one spoon of coconut oil in this bowl, keep in mind that you do not have to pour less oil than one spoon, otherwise it will not be able to give moisture to your lips. Now mix it properly with the help of a spoon. Now put this paste in the refrigerator. Do not let the pan not become thick enough to remove the fridge. Now you take it out of the fridge and keep it in the empty box of lip balm, keep it in the fridge from the fioror so that it is properly in the box Found the Interior now take out of it in the refrigerator is ready for your lipstick.

Friends, how do you know this information and if you want to try it, please tell us in a comment and yes if it is good information then please do this post and share the share. Thank you.

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