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Take 5 tips to keep the skin soft in winter

Winter is the beginning. Our skin starts to become stiff, tough and lifeless. Along with tension in our skin, lip and aden also get torn apart. We have to face difficulties. But before the problems occur, if the skin is taken care of, then we do not have problems. Otherwise, once the skin lips or the edges start to blow, then it becomes a bit difficult to fix them. Although we adopt a variety of measures for this, we can not get the full benefit. So today we will try to tell you some such tips through this post. If we adopt the skin before it is damaged, then we will not have to face problems.

So let's know the tips to make the skin soft -


Use minimal soap in the winter season. Because the soap increases the dryness of the skin. The skin becomes stale. If you wash the face with soap then use Faustaven instead of soap.

Bath with lukewarm water -

It is beneficial to have a cold winter season or a warm bath with warm water. It keeps the color of the skin and does not even cause colds and colds. Therefore, using lukewarm water bathing should be used.

Coconut Oil Massage-

After the bath in the winter season, do the skin massage with coconut oil. This will not dry your skin and your skin will remain soft, it will not be too soft.

Sitting in the sun-

People often sit in the sun during the winter season, though sunlight is also beneficial for our body. But keep in mind that do not sit in direct sunlight. Because the sharp rays of the sun cause our skin diseases. Before sunburn, apply sunblock or any oily cream. This will keep your skin soft.

Regular massage of oil-

By regular massage, the flow of blood in the body is done properly and it becomes soft and shiny. Massage of body mass daily is less in reducing obesity and does not seem to be cold. It is worthwhile to sit in the sun for a while after massage the skin with oil. Because in the sun, we get vitamin D which is very beneficial for bones.

It can not be a good homemade recipe for removing stains from the face

All the girls want to get blameless and beautiful skin, but occasionally pollution and use of beauty products in large quantities cause black stains on the face. This makes the beauty of any girl completely bad. Girls use makeup to hide facial scars, but this is not a permanent treatment. After removing the makeup, the stain spots begin to appear again. Today we are going to tell you a face pack that will remove the scars of your face in minutes.

For this you need a spoon pi or turmeric and one teaspoon lemon juice. Make a paste of both of them for 15 minutes and wash your face with light lukewarm water. Must take this recipe for 3 days a week. In a few days you will start seeing the difference.

Staying in the aging age, adopt these formulas

Every girl wants that she looks young and beautiful, but with age her beauty also snatches, which makes her disturbed many times. She does not want her beauty to diminish and she started moving towards old age. But with aging and with the tension the face can be seen changing. The first effect of stress appears on our skin. Due to the effect of age on our skin, it seems to be premature. If you want to avoid it, then there are some things to keep in mind that we are talking about.

* Wash your face from time to time. Use face wash or cleanser twice or thrice a day. Always choose face wash according to your skin type. Do not use too much soap on the face, because soap snatches your face moisture.

* Do not forget to use sunscreen in every season because wrinkles on the face quickly appear due to exposure to sunlight.

* It is very important to have a balanced diet to look young for a long time because the direct effect of the wrong diet affects the skin. Therefore eat only balanced food for the beautiful.

* Always use good moisturizer on your skin. Make sure to use it in the winter season because the skin is quicker in cold weather.

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