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If you want white hair to black, then try these solutions

Written By MuftGyan Guruji on Tuesday, 8 January 2019 | January 08, 2019

Friends, as you are seeing nowadays being white has become a common problem. In which any age does not matter, i.e. children have started to become white in any age because the environment is getting contaminated day by day. It is affecting our body. The direct effect of the environment is on our hair first. Because of this, our hair starts to whiten before the time. Bringing the white hair back to the old state is naturally impossible. But there are some remedies from which hair can be blackened again. Some people use dyes and colors to blacken white hair. Thereby sometimes many other problems arise. Including problems like hair loss and dandruff. So today we are going to talk to black hair through this article.
Only one thing to get mixed up in Mehndi will be hair in 20 minutes black
Our hair does our job to refine our personality, and they also make you different from others. In this case, it is very necessary to look beautiful and beautiful in Ghana. In today's changing times, due to pollution and bad habits, hair becomes weak and prematurely begins to become white. Chemical-related products available in the market make your hair weak and lifeless. In today's post we are going to talk about a mixture of Mehndi which will make your hair darker and stronger within 20 minutes of applying it.
For this, you will have to buy Mehndi's powder from the market. In the mixture of this Mehandi you also have to add the powder of Heena and Shikakai. Mix a different make hot almond oil pot and well to put henna on the hot oil. In this mixture, add a little water to the mixture and prepare a mixture of it. Leave the prepared mixture for a while.

Now apply the mixture from the root of the hair to the ends. By baking it, your hair will become very strong and black. This combination is most beneficial to the way people use which seem to be the first white child time. Using it four times a month will make your hair black and strong. It also eliminates hair loss.

Joining Mehndi is just one thing, hair will be long, dense and dark
Our hair is very strong in our personality. At the same time it also works to show us the most different and beautiful. In such a case it is very important to make the hair beautiful. So you see pretty much beautiful The pollution in today's time and due to our wrong actions seem to fall before our hair long and seem to be white prematurely. The product in the market produces a lot of problems in our hair. By which our hair becomes lifeless. Today we are going to tell you about such a mixture. By combining, your hair will be long, dense, and black in 20 minutes.
Take this packet for it and not only get the powder of Chikakai and the powder. Heat almond oil in a vessel. Then mix all of these mixture and remember that the amount of water in it is very high and mix it very well. Then leave this mixture for a while only. Then apply this mixture from the root to the end. After that, dry it well in the sun. Wash again with raw water again. Such a person should do such a thing. Whose hair starts to whiten before the time. They will be very beneficial for them. Using it four times a month, your hair will become very beautiful and hair loss will stop.


Mehndi powder and almond oil

Learn Method:

First of all, tell your information that you have to take a vessel. Then after that you have to add yeast and almond oil and mix it well. Then after that, put it on a gas and cook on a light flame so that the almond oil Mix it thoroughly in the henihara. Then take it off from the gas and let it cool down. After this, then paste this paste properly into the roots of your hair. When these mehas are dried, then wash your hair. A. l If you do consecutive 4 weeks v your hair is enough only once in long, thick and measures you long black eye will begin to l l
So let's know in detail-

If you are troubled with white hair and want to darken the hair, then read this article to the end. Friends, you know very well that coloring white hair starts to fall off because the colors we use are the chemicals in it. Which weakens the roots of our hair. By using the method we are going to talk about today, your hair will turn black and you will not have to face the problem of hair loss.

Friends, what we are trying to try is the tea leaf. Use tea leaves everyday to make all the tea. This tea leaf is a great way to black hair white. Take four teaspoons of tea leaves for this and put it in water, boil it after boiling or boiling well. So filter the water and cool off the water. After that, start slowly washing your hair with this water. After washing hair with tea leaf water, leave it. Wash the hair with clean water after two to three hours. You will see that all your white hair are naturally looking black.
Along with black hair, you want to make hair strong and shining in hair. So you got a little coffee in the tea leaf. The water of coffee strengthens the hair and shines in it too. After washing the hair after the person watching you will say that you have used shampoo to wash your hair.

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