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If you want to be proud of the party, then these 14 make-up hacks are magic puja for you

Some girls feel good about decorating. Simply put, the make-up is quite ahead. We have brought some make-up hacks for girls who want to make such a make-up, so that many of their problems will be solved easily.

1. Make sunshine make-up check

Often due to lights, we do not see spots after makeup. That's why once you are out in the car, see your face in the mirror as soon as you sit in the car, because the spots falling on the face in the sunlight are clearly visible.

2. The right way to set a snack

Often, we put Mascara in the wrong way, the mascara should always be placed on the right side of the nose below.

3. Do not throw makeup tubes

If you throw it after the makeup tube is empty, do not do it. In fact, by removing the empty tube from the middle, and the makeup can be removed from it.

4. Winged Eyeliner Perfect Way

Winged Eyeliner for some people is a game of jokes, so for some people this work is quite difficult. If you find this work difficult too, then this is the right way.

5. Use Mascara Brush to do this

Often, when the Mascara brush is dried, we throw it, while not doing it. The dry mascara brush can be cleaned and used again.

6. Long-term lispist

This trick is quite old and good. For lipsticks on the lips, you can use the tissue paper to apply powder on it for a longer time.

7. Make your favorite Lip Gloss at home

Crush your favorite eyeshadow and add Petroleum Jelly to it and it's ready. New Lip Gloss

8. Dark circles in jokes are missing

Source: deltadentalia

You have to go to the party and dark skulls are reducing the face, do not take tension. Take a little Colgate on the finger and apply it under the eyes, wash it with water after 10-15 minutes. Dark circles from the face will disappear.

9. Lipstick will not look at teeth

Sometimes you may have noticed that lipstick on lipstick is on the teeth. Do not be so with you, so after applying lipstick, place one finger between the lips, after which extra lipstick teeth will be replaced on your finger.

10. Redo the dried mascar use

By adding Saline Solution to dry mascara, it can be brought back into use.

11. Sticky hair made such frames

Source: seattletimes

If the dirty hair is not the time to wash, then put powder on it. Hair will look glowing like before.

12. Apply dry shampoo in the hair one night before going to party

For the Volume in the hair, put that dry shampoo before sleeping in the night, then wake up in the morning to wash the hair. See, hair will be shine with Volume.

13. Make lipstick eyeshadow

Source: daraz

If you have forgotten to keep eyeshadow while traveling, do not panic. Take a little lipstick on the finger and apply it on the eyes, it works like an eyeshadow.

14. Make rose water on face before makeup

Source: Phirbhi

If you have a skin dry, then make rose water on the face before making make-up.

Do not forget to give your feedback in the comments box, how these makeup hacks appear.

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