Girl will be more virgin than 28 years, victim of this disease

According to a news published in neurosurgery of psychiatry, researchers from London's Health Science of Medicine, after doing a research, what they told about the girls are very dangerous. Today, according to the same research, will try to know whether any girl remains virgin till 28 years of age, then she gets infected with any disease, and if this happens then why such a thing happens. So let's know that more than 28 years of virginity in detail, the girl will become victim of this disease.

Researchers from London's Health Science of Medicine, after conducting a research on 90 girls, told that girls who are virgins till 28 years of age, are victims of a disease called dementia. Due to which all the hormones found in the body of the woman become unstable and their bodies also increase obesity. Not only this, by not getting married till this age the immune system also starts getting worse due to which the women feel unhealthy and fatigued.

Dr. Williams Fog, a doctor of health science and medicine who conducts this research says that girls who do not marry until the age of 28 increases the risk of developing dementia in their body. Due to this disease, virgin girls start getting contractions in the ovaries. Thereby, they face many problems in getting pregnant.

According to Williams Fog, those girls whose age is more than 28 years old, should take care of their health to avoid this dementia disease and should continue to consult the doctor from time to time. Along with that, it should be exercised regularly every day so that blood circulation in the body is done in the right way and there is no wrong effect in the mobility of the hormones.

To do this research, 5 doctors from London's Health of Medicine researched 90 women and studied the changes in their body. This proved to be proven that if women are more virgin than 28 years old, they become ill, which cause them physical and mental harm. According to the researchers, 20 percent of these girls are in the girls. Therefore, marriage before 28 years is good for girls.

For girls, the boon of nature is fenugreek, know!


Nowadays winter season is going on and everyone likes eating fenugreek vegetables in this season. Fenugreek is beneficial for health anyway. But do you know that fenugreek can make you beautiful? Yes, fenugreek leaves also have many types of beauty qualities, which are easy to remove every skin related problem and accelerate your skin.

For  years, our Indian society uses natural herbs, which is useful for our health. One of them is fenugreek, so yes fenugreek is widely used in almost every Indian kitchen for various better health purposes. Therefore, if fenugreek is called a multipurpose masala, then there will be no wrong. But do you know that the use of fenugreek-free fenugreek can also enhance your beauty. Here is a list of the benefits associated with the beauty of fenugreek and its methods of use, which you can basically accept.

The seeds of fenugreek are quite effective in preventing and treating nail-prone. Fenugreek helps remove dead cells of the skin. There are no acne on the skin. Apart from overcoming acne, fenugreek is also helpful in removing acne and burning scars. Prepare a fenugreek paste of fenugreek seeds and prepare honey paste in it and mix honey in it. Before sleeping on the night, apply it on your face and clean it with lukewarm water in the morning. After doing this remedy for a few days, both your acne and scar will disappear.

 Fenugreek seeds protect our skin from serious facial problems such as wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines and infections and are also able to remove the problems already occurring. Anti-oxidant present in fenugreek is beneficial to bring skin tone and skin in the skin. For this, you should prepare foampack using fenugreek seeds, fenugreek-rich water, gram flour and curd and then expolor skin by the prepared face pack. This remedy will gradually increase your skin.
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