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Drink water this time for 7 consecutive days, will be surprised to see the face glow

About 70% of our body is water. This can be judged from how important water is for our body and how beneficial it is. With the presence of water in the body, all the organs of the body function properly. Due to lack of water in the body, many diseases occur. But drinking water is also beneficial for the body in the right way and at the right time. Drinking water at the wrong time and wrong time may face many problems. Let's know. Pia water for 7 consecutive days, after seeing the face glow, will go to the square.

The right time to drink water

• When thirsty and lips begin to dry, drink plenty of water. The water should not drink more than once. And drink a little bit more frequently.

• Drinking a glass of empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning is most beneficial for the body. It improves stomachache. And the morning stomach is well cleaned. Besides, moisture remains in the skin. And the face shines on. Drinking water in the empty stomach in the morning also comes on the face. And the body remains active throughout the day.

• Drinking a glass of water before drinking tea is beneficial. This reduces the loss of drinking tea on the body.

• The body of pregnant women needs the most water. Therefore, pregnant women should continue to drink water several times over and over again.

• If there is a problem of vomiting diarrhea, make salt and sugar solution and drink it again and again.

Wrong drinking water

• Drink water immediately after eating or at the meal while eating it is harmful to the body. This causes the digestive system to get worse. There are stomach disorders. And the stomach fat increases.

• Drinking water after hot food, hot drinks, melon and cucumber should not be eaten at all. By doing so, stomach problems are created by becoming a severe acid in the stomach.

Your skin will be like the actresses, if you have taken this fruit, definitely read this Post

Through this post we will tell you about a fruit that will make your skin so beautiful that the actresses will also fail in front of you. As you know how fruit is beneficial for our health, it is very useful for our physical development. In such a way, today we will tell you about such a fruit which will make your skin shine along with health. Yes we are talking about Kiwi By consuming it, the lost glow of skin will start coming back. So let us know about the benefits of its consumption -

Vitamin E is found in abundance which works to make the skin beautiful, as well as it contains a dietary fiber that keeps the skin healthy.
If you consume it on a daily basis then it can get rid of many problems related to the face and it starts to be soft and fair.
It contains antibacterial properties which are helpful in acne, wrinkle, black piles below the eyes and wrinkles removal.

Guys, have you eat kiwi? Please tell by commenting

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