You must have eaten a lot, but you have not eat such a healthy and tasty khichadi

You must have eaten a lot, but you have not eat such a healthy and tasty khichadi

On the day of winter, people get annoyed with their rusty skin and torn edges. False edges not only seem to be bad in appearance, but also do pain, and sometimes even the cracks of broken ankles start to come out of the blood. In this way, today we are going to tell you a remedy to get rid of torn ankles. Which you can easily do at your home.

First step

First take a bowl and add oil and sugar inside it and mix it well, it is a type of scrub.

Second step

Take a small piece of candle and take a spoon of oil in a bowl and put a little candle and keep it on boiling water, in a few minutes the candle will freeze and store it in an air tight container. Actually it will reduce the moisturizer.

Third step

Now take a light lukewarm water in a tub and mix well by putting baking soda and salt inside it. Now put your feet in this water for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you take out the water from the water and wipe it well with towels and now you have a scrub with your ankles oil and sugar.

After scrubbing, wash your feet well and wash with clean water. Now apply moisturizers over your ankles and wear socks so that your feet remain moisturizing. You must do this once a week, because doing so will stop cutting your edges.

Make your food delicious, this easy 9 small tips

Guests have the meaning of Navaji, by calling someone at home to make delicious dishes. But sometimes it would have happened to you or sometimes you all, even though we could not make food tests despite lakhs of effort. Today we have brought some tips for you to come.

9 tips to make delicious food

1 To make the whole and parathas crisp and tasty, combine the dough and add some semolina to it.
2 To make the vegetable gravy tasty, add gram flour, garlic, onion, ginger, gram flour and fry 3 them well. In this way your vegetable test will be made.
3 If you have started making the vegetable, then add some curd in it. In this way your vegetable will not smell the burn.
4 When making the dough, add some curd to it, keep in mind that the curd is not sour. This will make your monastery taste delicious.
5 To boil the vegetables, add a little salt to it, by doing this, the taste and color of vegetables will remain intact.
6  If the mango pickle starts getting worse, then add mustard oil to it. Pickles will not be bad.
7 When making Gulab Jamuns, add some paneer to enhance its fine color and flavor.
8 Mixing little yogurt into the pad Dal, making it big, and gently stir, will be very soft and taste.
9 When making the rice, add half a teaspoon of ghee, the rice will be tasty and the bloom will become blooming.

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